Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving Day slash Week(s)

Paul and I moved. (Not to California)...(Yet)...

We moved to Sugarhouse. We had no plans of moving. We were all happy and settled in the Avenues. But then, back in December just before Christmas my boss told me about this cute little 3 bedroom house that his mom owns. The couple living there at the time were moving and my boss was looking for new renters. They like to rent it to people they know, and if they do know the people they lower the rent. In this area, this house could easily rent for at least a $1000, but because we're "family" we get it for $750. So 50 bucks less than the Aves apartment, a yard, washer and dryer, storage shed, closer to work for both of us, a cool landlord, no lease, no deposit, and quite a bit more space. Oh and no high heels on the tile floor above us at midnight. Nothing above us or below us actually. It was easy to decide. About the lease, my boss actually said Paul can move whenever he wants, but I'll be tied in for 10 years. He's really not in to the whole California plan. He's even jokingly offered to start building wooded caskets at our store to try and entice Paul. I like that my boss likes us. His wife and son work there too and they really are like family.

Anyway, for about 2 weeks we've been taking small loads over almost everyday. They gave us January for free which has been really nice. By Friday night I felt like we were so close to being done, but there was so much little stuff laying around. What I thought we could do in about 4 car/truck loads on Saturday ended up being 12 loads and 2 DI runs. And then cleaning the old place. Needless to say, I'm beat! I questioned a couple times if it was really worth it. But I'm sitting in our new house (surrounded by boxes), and I love it! We're all moved out of the old place, FINALLY. It was spotless from top to bottom and we left the keys on the kitchen counter. It felt so good. I did have a little sad goodbye moment. It really is a great little place.

I'm writing all this to say that I've had a couple fun days in the middle of all the moving, and as soon and I find my camera cord I'll post some pictures of dinner with old roommates and shooting with rednecks. I'll also eventually get this house put together and take some pictures. I need to schedule a party or something here. I work well if I have a deadline.

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