Monday, January 5, 2009

looking back on '08, and forward to '09.

Here is what I predicted for '08...kinda off on a couple things...We'll see how I do this year.

***This is what actually happened in 2008.***

January- I got home from Ukraine. I moved in to my own 2 bedroom apartment in the Avenues. I left for Peru.

February- I got home from my amazing trip to Peru on Feb. 15th. I met Paul on Feb. 16th.

March- Kristin broke her foot and I became her designated driver. I got an angel bed. I started trying a ton of different churches.

April- The Mexico rediscovery trip (year 3) didn't happen in Feb. like I predicted. I went in April.

May- I went to Kristin and Taylors graduations but didn't meet Andrew. I went to Hawaii.

June- Dave and Neally got married. I found myself spending a ton of time with Paul. I went to Vegas with Kristin where she had a job interview.

July- I learned a lot about the Lord, and realized the positive changes I was making in my life. Paul and I took a break. Kristin moved to Vegas.

August- I started photo facial laser treatments for sun damage. I went to California with Paul.

September- Paul and I officially started dating. We went to California again.

October- I wasn't Winnie the Pooh for Halloween. I visited Kristin at her new home in Vegas. Paul and I went to California again.

November- Paul had a birthday and finished his time at Standing Together. Scott and Laura got married. Celine Dion postponed her concert til Feb.

December- We went to California. Then we went to California again for Christmas. I kissed Paul...(a good option for a future husband) under the mistletoe. No, it wasn't our first kiss, but it was our first kiss under mistletoe. My fear of commitment has disappeared.

***My 2009 predictions/hopes/thoughts.***

January- We go to California. We talk about Mha...... Paul starts a new job. I start looking for a second or new job.

February- I finally finish laser treatments. I go to the Celine Dion concert. I start a new job.

March- I get engaged...ish... I don't go on my 4th Mexico rediscovery vacation.

April- Grandpa turns 90 and I convince the fam to have a big party! I love Grandpas, especially mine.

May- I simplify and de-junk my apartment.

June- I move. I get married.

July- I buy the new TV that I thought I'd buy a year ago.

August- Paul and I go on a sunny vacation to celebrate how well I did at staying out of the sun for a year.

September- I get baby hungry.

October- I bust out the ol' Winnie the Pooh for another year, and I try to find Tigger for Paul.

November- I get baby hungry...did I mention that?...

December- We talk about moving...

I really have no clue what '09 looks like, so my predictions could be, and probably are way off...but I feel like its gonna be a good year and I'm looking forward to it.


Kelly O. said...

I love this... though, if you're getting married in June, there's no way that April and May are happening like that! :)

kim said...

Wow! I'm excited to see how you do:)