Friday, January 31, 2014

Sick, again.

This "winter" (because, California. So what's winter?) I'm excepting as our sick season. This season is the first time as a mom that I've dealt with vomit. It seems pretty common and I thought it would come sooner in life but Garrett made it to three, and Addie to two before they threw up. (Not counting spit up, and Addie's cry/cough/barf episodes, but sick throw up is worse than upset throw up.)

It lasted a week in November, and those turned to colds that lasted till Christmas. We've been good most of January. And then this week. 

Side note: I've been more diligent this season than ever about shopping cart wipes, hand sanitizer after every store, every play ground, every walk, every elevator, etc. and good hand washing before every meal. For everyone. The kids even ask for sanitizer now when we leave somewhere. They call it squeezy squeezy. But whatever. 

Early Tuesday morning 2-3am Garrett threw up twice. He and I slept in the guest room the rest of the night and he slept fine. All day Tuesday he was his normal self. Said nothing hurt, he wasn't sick, he felt better, etc. We even took some friends to dinner that night and he ran and played with the kids and had fun. (Sorry friends.) I blamed it on expired ranch dressing from the night before. He went to bed Tuesday night and at 11pm I went to check him before going to bed and he was asleep in a pool of vomit. (New worst feeling as a mom: not hearing your child throw up, and then finding them asleep in it.) I cleaned him up and again, he and I slept in the guest room. At 1:30am he coughed a little, then threw up a little. I self diagnosed during the night. (because if I'm in bed with a child, I can't sleep) Everything I read online about night time vomit but fine during the day was related to a cold or post nasal drip. Garrett has been on an allergy med (off and on) for post nasal drip so I decided we needed to be more faithful with giving him that. 

Wednesday he was fine again. I was exhausted, but he was fine. Wednesday night before going to bed, I said to Paul, "you know those nights where you tell yourself, I HAVE to get some good sleep tonight or I will not function tomorrow? This is one of those nights." I slept in the guest room alone because Paul knew I needed sleep, and Garrett was in our bed with Paul just in case he got sick again. I fall asleep, and 50 minutes later was the end of rest for the night for me. 

Addie's turn. Between 11:20pm and 3:30 am she threw up at least 8 times. In that time we did four loads of laundry, scrubbed two carpets, and bathed her three times. She finally calmed down just before 4am, and then it was my turn. (Oh, Garrett had diarrhea in there somewhere and was frustrated with Addie screaming, so once again, ended up in the guest bed with me. Addie also had diarrhea.) At 4am when I finally felt like I may get a couple hours of sleep, I got sick. I was up at least twice an hour and by 7am it was time to start the day. But I was REALLY sick. Paul had a busy day, but was able to push everything off till 11:00 so I tried to sleep for a couple of hours and then it was time to put my game face on. The kids were feeling fine and watched tv all day. I napped when they napped and I laid down off and on until Paul got home that evening. It was a rough day. 

Today is a new day. We all slept great! The kids 12+ hours each, and I slept
10 hours. And I think we all feel better. 

I'm ready for spring! Not because much about the weather will change. I just want longer days and healthier people! 

I took this yesterday when I was in and out of consciousness. The kids were so
cute together, and I think they really liked having a tv day. They were taking turns massaging each other while watching a movie. 


Carlie Sue said...

This is so cute and so sad! Being a parent of sick kids is so hard! It's so great to have good husbands though! Hope your little are better soon!

Heidi Rogers said...

Omygosh, first, "squeezy squeezy" is hilarious and the kids massaging each other is so adorable.

Second, I feel you. L will do what G just did: He'll throw up one day, be fine the next, throw up again two days later, on and on like that for a week or more. That is what we lived through every month, for the first six months of 2013. And because it's so contagious, I wouldn't take the kids to be around people for a week after symptoms. It. Was. Hell. Absolute hell. And I live on edge, just WAITING for the next family member to get it.

So I feel for you. I am so sorry. We haven't vomited yet this season (saying many prayers), but we have had so many nasty viruses that it doesn't feel much better. So I'm with you - let this winter end!