Wednesday, January 8, 2014

White Christmas (last name, not snow)

We got home Saturday night the 28th and had our last Christmas celebration the next morning. There was a giant pile of gifts and each of us had our own wrapping paper (assigned by my MIL). Garrett was over gift opening. He was happy to help pass them out at the beginning, but would not open a single one. When Addie got something he wanted, my MIL would tell him he had one like it and she'd try and get him to open it. Didn't work. He just wanted Addie's. So she'd open his. Or someone else would open it for him.

That's G's growing pile behind him.
Their main gifts were balance bikes. Garrett loved it. Addie liked to look at it but wasn't quite sure about getting on it. None of us thought about helmets so we didn't let them play for long. (Still need to get helmets.) Garrett slowly rides his up and down the hall but we haven't gone outside again with them yet. 

Paul and I got a deep freeze. Just what we wanted! 

After gifts, the in laws did a little activity for the kids. A live version of the book 'The Z was Zapped.' The kids LOVE this book. I can't find it in stores and I haven't ordered it online yet. And my MIL has had her copy for 20+ years. Garrett is always telling me what happens to each letter. "The R rolled off stage." "The M melted." "The I was Iced." And so on. Anyway, my creative in laws and sister in law made the stage (three stages actually so we could run from place to place and they'd each have time to set up their next letter), made all the letters, and acted out each letter. It was pretty amazing.
The B was bitten. It's a huge cookie.
 The D drowned. 
The F was flattened. It was foam and they stepped on it. 
Icing the I. 
Kidnapping the K. 
The M was made of wax and my FIL melted it on his warmed up grill cover. 
Putting nails in the N. 
Soaking the S. 
The kids totally loved it. It was really fun. 

And for the last activity of the night. Poppy got a mento soda launcher kit. And it true redneck fashion, my FIL pulled out a couple of 2-liters to see if it worked. And it did. 
I enjoyed the Utah white Christmas. But I don't mind hanging out outside on Christmas either. 

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