Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Baby #3 Pregnancy FAQs

I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation in the past couple of months:
Stranger or nurse: What are you having?
Me: a girl.
Them: (in a gushy high pitched sweet voice) Ohhh a girl! Congrats! Is it your first?
Me: No, it's my third.
Them: And what do you already have?
Me: One of each. 
Them: (in a completely different, uninterested tone) Oh, so it doesn't really matter what you're having. 

People who have heard my theory about it being a boy often ask if I still think its a boy. I'm mostly think it's a girl. But as I've been trying to incorporate a little pink into the very boyish color scheme I'd already picked and purchased stuff for, I've been careful not to add permanent pink to anything, like a quilt etc. But I have made a couple pink things that I can't change and as more time goes by, the more I'm convinced it's a girl. I think.

Is this pregnancy more like Garrett's or Addison's? 
Things that are like Garrett's:
-very low baby (lowest I've had)
-not very sick. (Even less sick with this one than I was with Garrett.) 
-salty almost always sounds better than sweet
Thinks that are like Addison's:
-Umm... I swear a couple days ago something came up and I said, "Hey! Finally something that's similar to when I was pregnant with Addie!"  But now I can't remember it. 

How much weight have you gained? (Gotta love a sister in law who knows she can ask anything.) I'll start by saying I started this pregnancy with 10 lbs from Garrett and about 20 from Addie. So that sucks. But as of my 34 week appointment last week,  I'm down 7 lbs from my pre-#3 weight. I've either stayed the same or lost a pound or two at every appointment.  I have no secret, it's odd really.  I told my mom and Paul that I can compare this to when the weather man says, "It's 7 degrees, but with the wind chill it feels like -25."  I've lost 7, but feel (and walk) like I've gained 25.

Have you had any cravings? Three things. Krispy Kreme sprinkle donuts. Thankfully there's not one close by so I've only indulged this one twice in 8 months. Both times I bought a dozen though, and don't worry about how many of the 24 I ate myself. Also, banana peppers.  I think before this pregnancy I'd had banana peppers once in my life, and it was by accident. But they sound good all.the.time! I crave subway because of it. I've wondered if they would think it was weird to order a foot long flat bread vegi sub, but only get banana peppers on it. On the way to the beach a couple weeks ago, I almost went in and asked for a cup of them to add to the sandwiches I'd made to take with us, but I didn't.  Paul bought me some at the store.  And lastly, blueberries.  My very least favorite fruit.  Before this pregnancy I never ate them and if they were in a fruit salad or something I'd pick around them. But I could (and have) eat a whole container of them.  I buy them every time I go to the store.

What's different about this pregnancy that both of your others? Leg cramps in the middle of the night. Awful ones, like nothing I've ever had. Super super low baby. At 31 weeks they still only were able to hear the heart beat really well below my belly button. And this low baby causes me to feel really bruised, down there. In the front and the back. It's also made me develop a waddle. Mostly in the morning as I get moving and sometimes if I've been sitting for a long time, like over an hour. Sensitive face skin. Really blotchy after I exfoliate. And random little pimples that thankfully (so far) go away in a day or so. 

Are you ready?
I guess so.  Like if she was due tomorrow, I'd be set.  But as uncomfortable as I am, she can stay in there a bit longer.

Do you think Garrett and Addison 'get it'?
Yes I do.  Even though they both think they have babies in there tummies, but talk about her a lot.  And they talk to her through my belly button. They ask about her room and when she'll be big enough to sleep in their room.  And what car seat she'll sit in.  We've received some gifts and when they see one they ask if it's for her. And they both pray for her.

How do you think the other two kids will do with a baby?
I'm not too worried.  I'm sure it'll be a big adjustment but I just haven't thought about it much.

Will you have more?
I don't know. My heart wants a dozen, but my brain and body are done.  (I don't really know what I mean by that, but we feel pretty good about three right now.)


Heidi Rogers said...

I can't believe people say to you what you mentioned in the first conversation. Ugh.

Have you been going to a chiropractor this time?

I'm excited to see pictures when she gets here! I can't believe you're so close. And I'm excited to meet her and Addie, whenever we finally are in the same state at the same time and not sick. :D

it's me, andrea. said...

I've gone to the chiropractor monthly and this last month I'm going weekly. And I'm having massages about twice a month as well. It really helps. I wish I'd gone to the chiropractor more because of how awesome I feel after, but Addie gets adjusted most times that I do and the price adds up quick!