Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas in Utah (Part 2)

Addie did not sleep well on this trip. (Unless she was snuggled up to her Daddy.) She napped once in the crib, and maybe slept there half of one night. It's nice that my parents have a crib though, I'm sure someday another grandchild will use it! When Addie got tired enough we usually found her like this.
Or this. 
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this. 
And sometimes Garrett joined her. 
Anyway, not a whole lot of sleep happened. But the good times still went on. 

Christmas morning. 

I took a gift for each of them to open just in case there wasn't much Christmas morning. (Haha. Never again.) 

We got cleaned up and headed to my Auntie's for lunch. And more gifts!

You can tell Garrett's the oldest Grandkid. He thinks he can keep up with the uncles. 

And Addie thinks she can keep up with Garrett. And she can. 
Later that night we went and played games at my Grandpa's house. And after that we did our annual trip to Denny's for late Christmas dinner. Except that, the Denny's near my parents closed, so this year we went to IHOP. This is our 5th year doing it, and we brought Taylor, my at Barbara and my grandpa with us. They all joined in on the leave-a-big-tip tradition. It's really so fun. And this year we stood outside and spied from the window to see our waiter's reaction, and it was a good one!
The next day we visited three sets of friends in SLC. I failed at picture taking. 
That night we went to the Zoo lights with the rest of northern Utah. 

We spent a lot of time just visiting and playing at my parents' and Grandpa's house, and in no time, it was time to say goodbye. 

And the next day it was Christmas with the Whites back in California. I will get caught up. I will get caught up... 

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