Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year

Our New Year's Eve was very simple. We picked up ice cream and mix-ins to make shakes. (Milk shakers, according to the kids.) We got a couple things to make waffles the next morning. And we picked up a pizza on the way home. We ate and watched Turbo. Made shakes. Took a couple pictures. And were all sound asleep right around midnight (east coast time). I text my friend in Atlanta at midnight her time (9pm our time) and said, " We're celebrating with you so we can go to bed now!" And we did.

We were well rested on New Year's Day and we headed to Huntington Beach. Garrett asked me on the way there where his swimming suit was. I told him it would be too cool so swim and the water would be really cold too. Famous last words I suppose. Lesson learned: if it involves Garrett and the ocean? ALWAYS bring a swimming suit. Watching Garrett at the beach energizes me. It's strange sounding maybe. But it's magical. He is so, SO happy at the beach, it just makes me even happier.

Happy New Year! Resolutions and predictions are up next, and then maybe I can officially accept 2014. Oh, and my blog(s) will soon be private. I know I've threatened this for almost a year, but it's real now. A comment from someone telling me a baby photo of Addie had been stolen and put on an adoption instagram account was what finally put me over the edge. Well, I guess clicking on the link provided and seeing my baby on a crazy IG adoption account is what really did it. It'll be before #3 comes, my blog(s) will require an email log in. I know it's annoying, but you don't have to read if that extra step is too much. I'll let you when in the coming weeks.


Heidi Rogers said...

EW. That is so creepy. I've been debating making ours private for years. Maybe I'll finally do it this year too.

Your pictures of Garrett at the beach almost make me wish we still lived there. Aside from people, that is the one thing I miss about CA.

Heidi Rogers said...

Also, that's pretty incredible that someone you know saw it. I'm curious as to how that happened.