Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas in Utah (part 1)

Our drive to Utah (Saturday Dec. 21st) went so well. Good naps. Minimal stops. Movie watching. Snow watching. We made it in 11 hours.

The strange thing was that it seemed the colder it got outside on the drive. The puffier Garrett's eyes got, and the stronger his cough. He'd had a cold for two weeks prior, but it seemed to be cleared up, until we headed to Utah. Poor guy had 3 really rough nights and coughed on and off the whole trip (and for a couple days after we got home). But he still had so much fun. He's a positive little dude and doesn't complain or let things get him down. Almost every time he had a bad coughing fit, he'd get his throat clear and happily announce, "I feel better now!" Man I love him. 

On Sunday night, G stayed home with Papa, and Paul and I took Addie to temple square to hear my moms choir sing. Addie sat and enjoyed the whole thing (until about the last ten minutes) she loved spotting Mimi on stage. 

We made cookies. Decorated gingerbread house. The uncles helped build a huge snowman. (While Laura took me to get my hair done. I chopped 6 more inches off. That's 14 inches in three months! I think I'll forever be a short hair mom now.) And we had a fun Christmas Eve. 

Hugs for Uncle Dave.
Garrett wanted to take a picture of his gifts. 
The Nativity. Great grandpa read the story from the Bible. 

Remote control helicopter. 

Jammie triplets. 
Sprinkling some reindeer door for Santa's crew. 
Christmas and the rest of the trip, coming soon.

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