Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

I think my only resolution in 2013 was to return my shopping carts to the cart return. And I'm happy to report that I accomplished it! Not a single cart left at the side of my car, pushed up to a curb, or clustered with a herd of carts that looked like a cart return. Even at Costco. C'mon Costco, add a couple more cart returns near the back of the lot. Twice I wanted to ditch my cart and really thought about it. Once at Costco, once at Stater Bros. Both times I was mad at cashiers. But I didn't.

On to 2014. 

-Lower my expectations. Sounds like I'm giving up on someone or something, or like I'm being negative. But I'm not. And I'm always happier in general with lower expectations. Examples: going to see a movie, having/attending a party, reading a book, planning an outing for the kids, keeping up with traditions, going on vacation, having a conversation with spouse/in-laws/parents, eating out, trying a new recipe. I tend to have unreal hopes and expectations. I want everything to go smoothly, everyone to enjoy/communicate well, the movie to be better than the book, (ahem, Catching Fire, ahem), no one to pee their pants, or need to poo RIGHT NOW!! just as we're getting on a trolley ride, the food to look like the picture and taste as good as my house smells, etc. I'm not giving up. I'll still work really hard, get excited, plan fun things/parties, cook, go out, etc. but my overall expectations will be lower, and I think that's a really good thing. 

-Read and study more. Not 30 minutes a day or even daily. I'll fail. Just more. 

-Focus a lot on two words. Patience and Intentional. Mostly regarding my kids. But also, my marriage, myself, family, extended family, friendships, strangers, etc. Giving people the benefit of the doubt, believing that people are trying their best, trusting that people are inherently good, knowing that sometimes people (kids) are really trying to learn and just don't know any better. Get on the floor more and play trains and really talk about the fun we're having and what we're learning, take advantage of teaching moments, get excited about the little things that are oh so big to my kids, apologize quicker, slow down. 


Heidi Rogers said...

Good resolutions!

(You didn't like Catching Fire? I thought they stuck really close to the book! I actually tend to have pretty realistic expectations when it comes to book-movies though.)

ErinandShane said...

I love ya Andrea, I've started putting my cart away this year because of you…before I used my kids as an excuse but I'm working on less excuses this year.