Friday, January 17, 2014

predictions for 2014, re-cap of 2013

Disclaimer:  I realize the year is already more that 1/24th over, but I've had my predictions made and saved in a list on my phone since around Christmas.  So even though I was hopeful about my January prediction and now I'm not so much, I'm still keeping it the same.

Here are my 2013 predictions, and what actually happened:

January- I start Project 365 again.

I got this one right.

February-  William gets released from the NICU in St. George.

Wrong.  He was released in January. 

March- My parents strike it rich and start traveling to and from CA often so we don't have to.  Or they buy a condo here and stay for long amounts of time.

Wrong.  Of the three years we've been here, this year we traveled to Utah far less, and had less visitors. I guess the newness wore off, and people no longer miss us.  But, my parents did come visit in March.

April- Potty training Garrett begins.

Hah! Nope.  We went away for the weekend to Dana Point with the White's.  I did a lot of crafting, redecorating, etc. (way more fun than potty training.)

May- We go to Utah for Great Strides.

Yes!  I Paul and I, with the help of my whole family had a sweets booth to help raise more money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. William was also life flighted to Primary Children's Medical Center around this time, so we went a few days early to be with him and the rest of the family.  He was there for a month.

June- Paul and I go on an anniversary trip.

Yes!  We spent a few days in Vegas with Mara and Aron.

July- I get a(nother) speeding ticket.  I'm not wishing, just saying.  I struggle with speed guidelines limits, and it wouldn't surprise me.

Thankfully I was wrong on this one, too.  We enjoyed lots of beach days.  I did a lot of prep for a surprise party for Phil's 50th.  Garrett spent a week in Utah.

August- Scott and Laura announce that they are pregnant.

Nope. :(  Instead, Paul and I announced that #3 is on the way.  We had a surprise party for Phil.  Taylor, Samira and William came out for the party and surprised me!  My parents also came out for a week.

September- Taylor and Samira announce that they are expecting twins.

Nope. :(  We spent a week in St. George with the whole family.  Garrett turned three.  

October- Something awesome happens to us.

My mom came out for a few days just to hang with the kids.  I got to go to Atlanta to visit Mara and Aron all by myself!  Both of those things were pretty awesome.

November- Addie turns 2 and Paul and I discuss a 3rd child.  I'll also probably remember that I was supposed to start potty training Garrett in April, and I'll start potty training both kids at the same time.  (Can you tell this isn't on my priority list?)

Addie turned two.  Paul and I learned (on Paul's birthday) that baby #3 is a girl, so instead of discussing the possibility of a 3rd, we discussed girl names because we were so sure it was a boy! Thankfully, I very easily potty trained Garrett in three days back in August.  Addie started to want to sit on the potty, but not pee in it.  And I have a feeling that come March/April, I'll once again have two kids in diapers.  Everyone got a stomach bug but me in November. It turned to colds for the kids and they passed it back and forth until early January.  (Garrett, as usual, got the worst of it.)  We paid off our van, (and the Paul scratched the side of it against a cement pole two days later.)  I had an emergency root canal. I had one at this exact same point in my pregnancy with Addie too.  Apparently its common to have sensitive teeth while pregnant, and I'm a lucky one who's teeth problems and sensitivity surface only when I pregnant.  

December- We go to Utah for Christmas.  I successfully complete Project 365 for the second time.

Correct on both!

And here are my 2014 predictions:

January-  Paul gets a raise.

February- We figure out how to fit another kid and create an office space for Paul, and we do some painting/rearranging.  (This may take a miracle.)  We take a small family-of-four trip before baby.

March- People tell me I look more than 9 months pregnant.  Scott and Laura announce they're pregnant.

April- Baby #3 is born.  Taylor and Samira announce they are pregnant.

May- The rest of April and May are a blur.  (I already know I'll get that one right.)  We try really hard to make it to SLC for Great Strides.

June-  June is also a blur.  I get the older 2 in swim lessons.

July- We go on a White Family trip.

August- We go on a Greenhalgh family trip.  My older brother David gets engaged.

September- Garrett starts preschool

October- We slowly start the house shopping process and sell our extra car that we never drive.

November- We go to Utah for Thanksgiving.  David gets married.

December- We go on an unplanned trip.  Like a cruise or something that we win.  

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Heidi Rogers said...

I love reading these posts. I always think you're so bold and gutsy to make these predictions.