Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project 365: 359-365

December 25- Looking through all the pictures I took today to pick one for the photo of the day before I fall asleep. I didn't even realize that my obligatory photo of the Christmas tree, pre-present opening, was mostly of my nephews oxygen tank. I'm feeling so thankful this year that he's alive and with us. And thankful for how far he's come. (He spent his first Christmas last year in the NICU.) I could go on and on about how, although we had a simple Christmas, I'm feeling an even bigger desire to simplify more next year and focus on the really important things. But for now, I'm feeling blessed. Merry Christmas. 
December 26- a chilly fun night at the zoo lights.
December 27- Chinese takeout with the sibs, spouses and kids.
December 28- The long drive home to California. Thankful for leap pads right about now.
December 29-  Christmas with the Whites back in California. The kids got balance bikes! Addie's not so sure. Garrett hopped on and wouldn't get off.
December 30- Sprite. Water. Sprite. Water. Our fridge is still completely empty after a week away. And we accidentally ended up at The Olive Garden tonight instead of the grocery store. It was delicious, but I'm not sure what we'll do for food tomorrow…
December 31- Ringing in the new year with these crazies. And by 'ringing in' I mean, we'll all be asleep by 10 PM and nothin' sounds better! Happy new year!

I did it! A photo a day for a year! Things I learned this time around (I also did this in 2009): 
With smart phones these days, it seems most people take (at least) a photo everyday. 
It's still fun to document it and even journal a bit more about each photo. 
I was much more diligent at keeping up-to-date on my blog in 2009. I still posted all 365 of these photos, just not weekly, so I got more overwhelmed. 
It's funner to do when you have kids. 
A few people have asked, No, I won't be doing this again in 2014. 
BUT, I'm ever so slightly, hesitantly, maybe, kind of thinking of doing #babyCRWeveryday. A photo everyday for the first year of my baby's life. They change so much that first year, I think it would be fun to flip through 365 pictures of the first year of a newborn's life. We'll see. And yes, CRW are #3's initials. (I'm sure someone was going to ask.)

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Carlie Sue said...

super cute bikes! Glad you got 2? I'm hoping it's not a problem next summer! I have LOVED your 365 pictures, your family is darling!