Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project 365: 348-358

December 14- "Christmas Eve dinner" at Ricks drive-in. The four of us are having our own little Christmas tomorrow before we travel this weekend.
December 15- We had Christmas today. The kids got Leap pads (and toothbrushes.)
December 16- We rented a boat tonight and took a moonlight ride around Naples Island. So warm and beautiful.
December 17- This is what the kids convinced me to let them get their dad for Christmas. We just got batteries for it about an hour ago, and I'm already ready to put it in the goodwill pile. Silent toys are so underrated. 
December 18- I'm kind of obsessed with all things many. So these "you are here" mini Starbucks mugs from LA were a must-have for stockings this year. We enjoyed a little hot cocoa after our walk today, complete with micromallows. 
December 19- Nighttime tangerine picking. 
December 20- I seen a few people hashtagging "my real home" today. Some challenge about not being afraid to post pictures of messy corners or rooms. Anyway, I'm not joining in on that, but it reminded me of a comment my smart-ass husband made a couple days ago while admiring all of the changes Addie has been making to her dollhouse. He said, "Cute. It looks like Addie is trying to make her dollhouse look like our real house." (Okay, it's kind of funny.) BUT, I don't care, because memory filled homes are better than Martha Stewart homes.
December 21- We made it to Mimi and Papa's house. Christmas in Utah.
December 22- I don't think this poor little guy has ever made it through a trip to Utah without getting sick. So sad it's at the beginning of the trip this time. 
December 23- Uncle Scott was a good distraction to these two today while I got some baking done.
December 24- Cutest little Mary, Joseph and a little shepherd. They looked so darling and were so quiet while their great grandpa read the story of Jesus' birth.

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