Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Two birthdays in one week.

Paul's birthday was the 11th of November, and while we really hoped Addie would come that day two years ago and be an 11/11/11 baby, she waited till the 15th. We kept things simple this year. There seemed to be too much going on to plan big parties, but now that I look back at pictures there wasn't much going on. I must have just been too tired.

We celebrated Paul's with the kids on Sunday the 10th so he and I could go out on the 11th. We made homemade pizza and had cupcakes. 

It took three focused blows to put out one candle, apparently. 

We celebrated Addie's birthday, just the four of us, on her birthday. Then we had a little party with grandparents the next day. 

She chose her own dinner. Mac and cheese, root beer and tator tots. I added the green beans and French dip. 
We went out for frozen yogurt after dinner, opened a couple gifts, and watched a movie. 

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