Tuesday, December 17, 2013

California winters

We've decided to repair my computer instead of buying a new one (for now anyway). It's in the middle of some clean outs and fixes, so I'll probably be phone blogging or not blogging or 5-in-one-day blogging for a bit longer. 

When the whole country was having snow, freezing rain and record low temps, California was too, apparently. If low 50's in December is cold, then yes, we were suffering right along with the rest of you. We even had rain one day. See?
But aside from the occasional dip into the 50's, it's been more like this. 

We go on walks. We shop at the weekly farmers market. We play in the leaves. (That are finally looking fallish and I love it!) 

And sometimes it's almost cool enough for jackets or a hat, and some hot chocolate. (Or we pretend it is.) Last Friday it was 66 degrees and a farmers market vendor asked with a concerned voice, "where are their jackets!?" It's funny watching some of the locals be overly dramatic about "season changes" here. Scarves and boots come out if it drops from 73 to 65. But I miss the sweater/scarf clothes too, so I guess they just like to jump at any chance they
get to be comfy and cozy. 

I gotta be honest though, this Utah girl missed the bright fall colors (although I'm learning that once the leaves finally change here, they probably last longer than Utah ones do) but I do not miss the snow, cold and ice. At all. Sure, I hope the kids get to play in some snow next week, but it's nothing I'm missing! 

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