Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sick week

I'm knocking on wood hoping we only get one down and out week this winter. Because we had it the week before Thanksgiving and it wasn't fun. Addie started it Monday morning. She threw up 10 times in two hours that morning with no food or drink in her tummy. We took her to the doc and he said she was dehydrated and may have a mild stomach bug. We were betting on dehydration because we finally went cold turkey on the baby bottles. And when we thought about it, realized she hadn't had much to drink in three days. She had a shot of anti-nausea medication and we gave her back one of her bottles. Within a couple hours she was feeling fine.

But no such luck. That night Paul came down with it. All night. And all day the next day. 

I shopped for sicky foods, medicine, drinks, and followed everyone around with disinfectant wipes and Lysol spray. 

It was Garrett's turn Tuesday night. And his rapid rate of vomiting landed us in the ER. They did blood work, a urine sample, (which he thought was hilarious to pee in a cup while laying down, and even more funny when he peed on my hand).  They ended up giving him IV fluids and meds because he was so dehydrated.

By Wednesday everyone was feeling a little better but we were still very cautious.  Since things had calmed down a bit, I decided to go to the endodontist and have an emergency root canal. I had an emergency root canal last time I was five months pregnant too. Oh yeah, I'm pregnant. Official blog post on that coming soon. 

Thursday rolled around and I finally started feeling a little sick too. I didn't have anything like the rest of the family had, I just wanted about three days of uninterrupted sleep. It didn't happen, obviously, but by the weekend we were all good again.

Not that there's ever a good week to get sick, but that week was a bad one. Some of our friends, Erik and Deb, were in town. They are both from CA originally and Erik's dad passed away. We had plans to see them a lot that week. It didn't go as planned but we still managed to see them and their boy a couple times at the end of the week. 

I typed this a while ago too.  And since my wish and hope of having only one sick week, we're a week into colds for both kids.  (Paul and I have been lucky this time...pounding on wood as I type this.)

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