Wednesday, December 18, 2013

According to the kids

Kids say:

Me: It's almost Lulus birthday.
G: no it's almost DADS birthday!
(This was before Paul and Addie's birthdays. He's learned the order really well.)

I can't decide if this is appropriate or not, but it was cute, and Garrett doesn't really know better yet. When my nephew William was born, Garrett wasn't talking much and Addie wasn't at all. But they'd both put their index finger along the bottom of their nose, above there lip (like the oxygen tube) to let us know they knew who he was, or that they wanted to see him. This past Halloween Garrett had the corner of his bandana twisted up and he put it up to his lip under his nose and said,  "Mom! Take a picture! I'm baby Will!" 

We often have to remind Garrett to finish eating before going on to something else and he's started picking up on our eating advice. Paul was hurrying through a mean and G said, 
"dad, swallow that bite first." Another time Paul and I were talking during dinner and Garrett shouted, "mom, focus!"

Everyday when Paul gets home from work the kids both excitedly ask, "Done workin'?"

Me: Addie who should we go see for Christmas?
Addie: Baby Will...and Tow Mater. 

G was chasing Addie swinging a coat at her. 
Me: Garrett, what are you doing?
G: I'm playing hitting. 
Me: You're playing hitting? That sounds like a safe game. 
G: yeah, it's a safe game. 

G: Addie don't do that! You're making me crazy!

Walking to our car from a store, G was touching each car as we walked by.
Me: don't do that bud, people don't want your finger prints on their cars. 
G: (keeps touching every car) mom, you're crazy. 

The two of them are very mischievous together. When Garrett had been told
not to do something, he whispers to Addie to try and get her to do it. And she almost always whispers back, "ok" and then does it. I used to get mad at her for doing what he was doing, but then I caught on, and now he still gets in trouble for making her do stuff I've told him not to do. He hasn't learned yet though. 

They are both constantly telling me things are 'so cute' or 'adorable.'

No matter when the last time was that G used the bathroom, if I ever tell him to try and go, he says, "I went last night."

Addie: sneezes
Me: bless you!
G: (wipes his arm from Addie's sneeze) and says: Eww, you just blessed on me. 

Addie puts on new Jammie's and goes to G and says, "Garrett, look at me." Garrett says, "'re very pretty."

G: mom that dinosaur has a lady friend. 
Me: hmm, do you have a lady friend? 
G: no. I have a mama lady friend.

Addie walks around randomly patting her belly saying, "oh ho ho, Merry Chris trees."

Garrett walks around randomly patting his belly saying, "ho ho ho, Very Christmas."

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