Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Project 365: 330-340

November 27- Addie's jealous of my sparkly toes and fingernails so after her nap I gave her a mani/pedi.
November 28- Happy Thanksgiving! Garrett wanted to go in the house after a couple of bites because it was too sunny outside. I may never get used to winters in California.
November 29- What I've learned about holiday shopping living in California: The rush starts on Black Friday. Then every store, every day, any hour of the day, stays busy until Christmas day. Glad that (With the exception of a couple stocking stuffers) I accomplished my goal of being done Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. 
November 30- We thought the kids would enjoy this kind of activity. They didn't. But that's okay because I love doing it. My favorite part is the tiny gingerbread men on lifesaver tubes.
December 1- We hosted a Christmas party tonight with Paul's best friends from high school. Six guys, six wives, six kids, and two on the way. I didn't get a shot of the whole group on my phone unfortunately, but this is a cute one of three of the kids running to show their dads the crafts they made.
December 2- Waiting in line at a verrrry slow check out. Garrett asked if I'd buy him some jellybeans. I told him no. He responded with, "then will you take a picture of me with them??" Sure dude. I wish I was as satisfied with just a picture of myself by all the stuff I want.
December 3- My cookie making helper while Garrett naps. Addie, who is that? "Umm… Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joe-sauce!"
December 4- It's candlelight service night at the funeral home.
December 5- Candlelight service two of two. I finally got these two out of their pajamas around 6 PM so they could say hi to Bapa and see the candles.
December 6- I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner. Garrett said, "pancakes!" Addie said, "eggs, hashbrowns, ketchup." And because I rarely make breakfast for breakfast, I for sure don't make it for dinner. So IHOP one for these stir crazy sickies. 

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