Monday, December 16, 2013

Baby #3 coming in March (Probably April)

I'm pregnant!

Paul and I found out at the end of July that there's another little White on the way. Unlike the other two, (but still a surprise to most) this one was planned. By "planned" I mean, we talked about it on our anniversary trip to Vegas at the end of June, (Paul was more convinced than I was that we were capable of handling three) and a couple weeks later, I was pregnant. We've joked a lot about how easy this process is for us and made comments like, "if Paul sneezes, I better go buy a pregnancy test." And based on the timing of this one, we've joked that I was in St. George during my peak time, so I likely got pregnant during our one FaceTime conversation. All joking aside, we know how very fortunate we are that this has always been an easy process for us. And the older and wiser I get, the more aware I've become of what a heartbreaking struggle this is for so many, and we feel truly blessed. 

The baby is due March 29th, but my money is on April 1st. We found out on November 11th that it's a GIRL! This was the shock of a lifetime for me. My biggest fear of another pregnancy was being as sick as I was with Addie. I convinced myself that hard pregnancies meant it was a girl and I prayed for a boy, (probably not prayed, but really hoped) simply because I knew I couldn't be that sick again with two toddlers at home. I had the typical pregnancy with Garrett. First trimester nausea. Worried and wondered about every little thing. Happy and full of energy during the second trimester. And uncomfortable, tired, and nervous during the end of it. With Addie, I got sick at about 5 weeks and threw up almost daily/several times a day till 39 weeks. Brushing my teeth made me throw up. Changing Garrett's diaper made me throw up. Taking vitamins made me throw up. Being awake made me throw up. This pregnancy has been the easiest so far, as far as sickness goes. I've thrown up once. And I had bad headaches for a couple of weeks near the end of the first trimester. But other than being REALLY tired, (which I blame more and G and A) those are the only symptoms I've had. I just KNEW it was a boy. We had a boy name. I'd purchased boy sheets. I'd purchased a charm for my necklace with the first letter of his name. Since we found out on Paul's birthday we decided to do a gender reveal birthday cake for his little work lunch. I honestly felt kinda funny about doing it because I knew I'd have to pretend to be surprised when I saw that it was blue. We bought chocolate cigars in both colors and I even tried to convince Paul to just get blue so we didn't have to spend twice as much. It was ridiculous how sure I was. 

We had our ultrasound and we looked away at "that part." She sealed the gender in an envelope and we took it to the bakery. We picked up the cake a bit later, and took it to the office. As soon as we cut it open, I looked at Paul and said "it's NOT a girl!" Everyone was laughing at me. I made Paul go get the envelope that the doctor had given us to give the bakery, and I told everyone to not get excited until I checked the envelope because I knew there was a mistake. Sure enough the paper revealed, "it's a girl!" I think I've mostly convinced myself that it's a girl. But at my last regular doctors appointment, I told the doctor that I was still in shock about it. She looked at the paper work at who the ultrasound tech was and also the doctor that had confirmed the gender and she said, "if this is the doctor that said it's a girl, I would be pretty confident that it's a girl." I said, "ok." But in my mind I was thinking, "yeah... conversations like this will make for an even better story when it comes out a boy…" 

Garrett was with us at the doctor and his first comment when looking at the screen was, "it looks like a whale." 
I guess we didn't need the blue cigars...
The doc took time to print a picture for each kid and typed on them "Hello to my big brother." And "hello to my big sister." The kids thought it was so cool to get messages from the baby. 
Happy birthday to Paul. I think my confidence had him pretty convinced that it was a boy, too. 
More pictures of the reveal and my shock.
Right before we cut it, someone asked Garrett what he thought it was. He said, "I think it's just a mushroom."

So there you have it. Baby Girl, coming in March. (Or if you ask me: Baby Boy, coming in April. Just kidding.)


megantonesforever said...

Yay! I'm excited for you Andrea! More girls!

Heidi Rogers said...

That is one hilarious story! I love Garrett's comments. :) What a cutie. Can't wait to see pictures!