Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Festival of trees

We went to a little (really little) food and toy drive a couple of weeks ago. They had Santa, a train ride, food, drinks, games and a festival of trees. I use the term "festival" and "trees" loosely because I've been to the one in Salt Lake. And it was a stretch to call this by the same name. I didn't take any pictures of the trees because we'd made it through them all before I really realized it had begun. Maybe 10 trees, and they were pretty sad, but they tried and it was for a good cause. 

We got our Santa picture (for free). Had some hot chocolate, and went on a train ride. The train we started on had a loose wheel so we got to sit and breathe in exhaust for a few minutes before they had us get off and wait for the next train. But the kids loved it, and they loved the playground as we were leaving so we called it a win. 

Sorry about your head, Paul. But this was the only non-blurry one. 

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