Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The "guys" party

Paul has a group of guy friends here. (All pretty close by except one who's out of state.) He calls them "the guys" I call them "the home school kids". (And I tease them about it any chance I get.) We hardly ever see each other but we try to plan something a couple of times a year. This was the first time we've had a Christmas party and I hope it becomes a yearly thing because it was really fun. And in the next week or so, the one out of state will be the only one without kids, and it's fun seeing our kids play together.

We had the party in the mortuary reception room. We had dinner, kid activities, and a white elephant gift exchange. 

My kiddos before the party. 
The reindeer food bar. I made the food. (Oats, crushed cookies, cocoa and sugar, colored sugar, round sprinkles, and edible glitter.) And I found free printables on Pinterest to stick on the jars. 

We decorated cookies.

We colored and made crafts.

The decor. 

The kids.

Rules for the gift exchange by Paul. And why wouldn't we pull our numbers from an urn??

The whole group! (Minus the two out of state. And there's a baby in a stroller hidden behind us.) 

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