Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Knott's "Merry" Farm

Paul had last Wednesday off because he worked the weekend. We wanted to do something fun, but hadn't decided what yet. But the car repair place and the dentist decided for us. We got our van paid off just in time for a $700 repair bill. (And a big scratch along the bottom of the back passenger door, but we won't talk about that. And no, that's not what the repair bill was for.) And Paul had to have a cavity filled that morning. I'll never complain about Paul's dentist bills because this was maybe the third he's had in his life and I'd just had a MUCH more expensive dentist visit the week before. Between dentists, doctors, prescriptions, and car repairs, December has cost us about $1500 more than we'd  planned. But we've survived! (So far.) 

Anyway, our family fun day needed to be free, or close to it. So we decided to use our Knott's passes, for probably the last
time before they expire. It was so Christmasy, warm and fun! One of the funnest times we've had there. 

The kids get more brave and more excited each time we go. There were no crowds and they went on everything they wanted to at least once. There's a free three hour lot that we never have to move from because a couple hours is usually enough, but this day we moved the car and stayed for almost six hours. 

The train conductor gave Garrett a ticket to be punched and Garrett was amazed. I think it was extra cool because he'd just seen The Polar Express for the first time a few days before. 
The kids fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. We could still see the Knott's sign in the back ground. It was a good day!
I love this boy. He's into collecting rocks and sticks right now. He fell asleep holding a stick. 

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