Friday, March 7, 2008

Watch out for the grass in West Valley.

Kristin broke her foot last night. I was at California Pizza Kitchen with Steve. I'd put my phone on silent so Steve and I could catch up with no interruptions. Anyway, when we finally left the restaurant Steve noticed that Kristin had called him. So I checked my phone and had 5 missed calls, some voice mails and some text messages...from Kristin. Sorry! She'd broken her foot at work and needed my moral support, and possibly a ride to the hospital. And also someone needed to pick up Diz from clinicals. So I went and picked up Diz and we headed to the hospital. Kristin's employee had taken her to the ER. We sat in the waiting room waiting for her to get released. A few minutes later a nurse wheeled her out.

Nurse: Ok, where to?
Kristin: I'm with those 2 idiots over there who are laughing.

...again, Sorry.

Breaking bones sucks. The world doesn't stop for 6-12 weeks while you recover. You just gotta figure out how to do all your normal everyday stuff while slightly abnormal. I feel so bad for her. She's coming to the end of her last semester of college and now she has to do it all on crutches. What a bad time to break your foot. But really, when is a good time to break your foot? And it was her right foot, so no driving.

I wish I could tell you she was base jumping or telemark skiing or on an insane ghost hunt with me and we were running for our lives. But no, she was walking on the grass outside her work carrying a microwave. Just walking. Watching her hop around and take 3 times longer than it normally takes to do anything and get all annoyed about normal should be simple things reminds me of when I broke my ankle 5 years ago jumping on a trampoline...way more dangerous and exciting than walking. I'm a risk taker, always have been. Anyway, I don't envy her.

...this post was gonna be about my thoughts these days on faith and God and spirituality and people and the world and religion and some amazing experiences I've been having lately. But maybe its good for now that it just ended up being about a foot...

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