Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Andrea Greenhalgh Councelling Online

I have had several friends over the past year or so, and more as of late who "google" me. I always thought we just Googled people who we though might be rapists, child molesters, registered sex offenders, or serial killers. But apparently my life is a closed enough book that my friends feel the need to google me to see if they can learn more about me. No one ever finds anything about me, but they always tell me about this other lady, also named Andrea Greenhalgh who does some sort of online counselling from North West, Lancashire, UK. Well, she was in the UK, but now she lives in Tenerife. Gotta be honest, didn't even know where that place was...maybe I still don't. Anyway, you can see the other Andrea Greenhalgh's website here. I emailed the other Andrea Greenhalgh and she responded. She was happy to meet another Andrea Greenhalgh. I not only learned that she moved from the UK, but that she is living in Tenerife with her partner, daughter, and 3 dogs. Andrea's cost per face to face 60 minute session is £30. The cost for email counselling starts at £5 (min 10). (Sounds like a pretty good deal.) Also, There is no cancellation fee chargeable if more than 24 hours notice of a canceled appointment is received.

Areas that Andrea covers are:

Marriage Counselling
Relationship Counselling
Family Counselling
Abuse Counselling
Rape Counselling
Domestic Violence Counselling (female)
Domestic Violence Counselling (male)
Parental Alienation Counselling
Stress Counselling
Life Counselling
Adult Counselling
Teenage Counselling
Debt Counselling
Online Counselling

She sounds good.

Well, I am not a C.C.C Registered Counselor, and I do not work within their Code of Conduct. But I am an Andrea Greenhalgh, and I'm here to do the same thing for you for FREE.

Except I'm only going to cover:

Life Counselling
Online Counselling

And, there WILL be a cancellation fee. (case by case basis)

I'm here to cyberly fix you.

And as Andrea Greenhalgh always says, (not me, the other one) "Don't suffer in silence. Talk to somebody who really cares."


Hoov said...

Doctor, heal thyself! Ha Ha! I always thought most counselors were too messed up to take care of their own problems so they tackle other people's? No? Okay.

Hoov said...

Second comment...what could people in Tenerife possibly be dealing with that can't be cured by some fresh ocean air! I wouldn't mind living there!

Melanie said...

That's too funny. You should start making money off of this lady. We should get together sometime before you leave the country again.

Kristin said...

Kari is playing the pennywhistle. Kill me now. So this post was hilarious. You are the best blogger ever. I would never think to blog about somehing like that. Mine is really just turning into a complaints page.

Anonymous said...

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