Sunday, March 9, 2008

More random thoughts in the late night hours.

1. I hate how Paula claps. Her fingers are all spread out and it looks stupid. Having said that I need to add that I'm not an American Idol fan. I've just heard so much about this unstoppable kid from Murray Utah that I finally just DVRed one show so I could zip through it and see him. He is talented and absolutely adorable. And...I'm still strangely attracted to Simon.

2. I have two friends getting married next week. Ed and Jeremy, (not to each other, they're both marrying girls.) I hadn't seen or talked to either of them for months. I knew they were both getting married because I've talked to mutual friends. This week I randomly ran into both guys! One at Noodle & Co. and one at Smith's Marketplace. They both thought I was still out of the USA, which is understandable because generally I try to keep it a secret for as long as possible when I return and I also leave last minute most times. So who really knows where I am. Anyway, now I have to buy 2 wedding gifts. But I'm really excited to see these guys and other friends that I haven't seen in a while.

3. Everyday I try to present Kristin with an "If it makes you fell better" story so she won't be tempted to have a pity party over her broken foot. Today's was kind of intense. I was at Smith's and I'd seen a young guy and girl pass by me. I noticed them because he was on crutches and then I noticed he only had one leg. I thought that was a good enough story for the day. But a few minutes later I saw them again and he was holding onto the girl under her arms. At first glance I wasn't sure if he was falling or what, but I quickly realized it was she who was falling. I ran up to him and asked if I could help. He thanked me and said she'd be ok and that she was having a seizure. He layed her on the floor and held onto her. A couple minutes later she was able to get up and was ok. But man! Some people deal with so much stuff. And they seem to handle it all so well. I'm always impressed by peoples strength. No pity parties for me.

4. I got a new bed yesterday. I love it. It's name is Kareem. My friend Paul named it. "Kareem is where I dream!" I don't know why I'm still awake when Kareem is waiting. Which brings me to #5...

5. I just looked at my laptop clock (that automatically changes) and then the clock on top of my entertainment center and remembered that it's daylight savings tonight! Damn! It's 3:18am, not 2:18am!! Oh well, I'll get over it and then it'll be light outside longer and I'll be happy. But I really should go to bed now.

6. Last one. If you read this within a day or 2 of it's post date you'll see on my sidebar that I'm reading "Bridging The Divide." It's a good read, for anyone. I'm almost done with it and maybe I'll write a book report when I finish and post it. But for now, the last part I read tonight got me thinking. It was said by Rev. Gregory Johnson. (He's an Evangelical Christian and also the founder of an organization here in Utah called "Standing Together.") Anyway, he said, "Here's a fascinating thought. It is said that there are approximately 700 million Evangelicals in the world and approximately 13 million Mormons. If we could just get 13 million Evangelicals to develop a deep friendship with one Latter-day Saint, every Latter-day Saint in the world would have at least one Evangelical friend." I agree. And I think Mormons should put forth that same effort. It's ok to have friends of other faiths. In fact, President Gordon B. Hinckley actually encouraged it. I quote, "I admonish members of the church to reach out to neighbors and be friends with people of other faiths without ulterior motives to just converting them." I think some (not all) Mormons forget that.

Good night/morning.


Kristin said...

Very nice! I like how you are reconciling your new religiong with your old one! Speaking of, where the heck were you during church you hose beast?

Josh said...

Hello Andrea. I've been thinking about you a lot today. err maybe its been for 3 days. What's going on? First I have to say that your blog always entertains me, and anymore, nothing you say shocks me. Umm ok, once in a while I'm a little shocked. HAHA! So what's going on? Are you still Mormon? I hear you've been missing from Univ. 34th lately. I've always admired how open minded you are and also so respectful of other peoples beliefs. I wish I was more like you. Call me this week. I'll buy you dinner.

Rob said...

Good thoughts, I'm going to make friends with an Evangelical today. Maybe one without a leg.

Justin said...

I have been saying that about Paula forever. BUGS!