Friday, March 28, 2008

car guys, drug dealin' bums, 20/20 vision, and fish food...a day in the life...

I hate cars. I might become a bike or a bus girl. Ok...we all know that's not true. But every once in a while I feel like getting rid of my car. Nothing is really wrong with it. It's just dumb little things. My car is missing a little grate thing on the front, $10.80 -not bad. It's missing one hub cap, $43.83 - WTF. Are you kidding me. For one! Tail light, $4.49 -no prob. Cracked windshield, -free cuz I have a $100.00 deductible that'll get waved. -Sweet, just gotta find the time to do it. Oil change, 29.99 (yeah right) -not bad, again, finding time.

Ok, so I got an oil change last week. And EVERYTIME I go, (which isn't often) they tell me some other thing wrong with it. Like air filters, and blah blah plugs, and something something filters. Whatever. If it moves when I push the gas, I'm good. This time, for the first time, I said no to everything they said I needed. But he did of course tell me that my car likes super magic platinum high octane turbo charged awesomeness injected oil. And that it'll perform better if I use it. It's like 3 times as much as the normal oil. So in my mind I'm thinking, It's probably the exact same oil and I don't care that much anyway, so leave me alone, I just need a lube dude! But what comes out of my mouth is, "Sure, lets do that." But I figure, I let my car go about 3 times as long as I should between oil changes, so paying 3 times as much evens out.

Ok, yesterday I was sitting in a parking spot in Sugar house and a bum on a bike comes up to my window and tells me I have a tail light burned out. I thanked him for letting me know and then he said, "Do you wanna buy some oxy?" I said, "What?!" He repeated clearly, (like I hadn't heard) " Do you want to buy some oxy? (read that part really clear, it makes it more funny) I said, not thanks, and he rode away. What if I was an undercover cop?! I wish I was. So today I went to Auto Zone. *Sidenote* This is monumental. I fixed a car problem within 24 hours of discovering it. Huge. Anyway, I tell them at Auto Zone what I need and the guy was super helpful, looked up my model and went and got the bulbs. As I was paying, I said, What do I do now. He started laughing and said, I had a feeling you would say that. I smiled and he and another employee offered to come out and change it. I admit, I know Auto Zone is used to big greasy men shopping there so when a dumb blond walks in, its maybe a nice change. Needless to say, I wasn't worried about finding someone there to help me. (and no Kristin, thats not abusing my powers) I wish I was slightly mechanical and could figure little things like that out, but honestly its not on my priority list right now.

For the past couple days once in a while I see little black spots when I'm reading or typing. I squint a lot. I'm so scared. I'm deathly afraid of eyes. Seeing people putting in contacts, putting on makeup, scratching the corner, etc. It's a huge weird fear of mine. I will never wear contacts, and I will NEVER have lasik surgery. Unless I'm really drunk and I get put totally under to have the procedure. I have glasses, but I think I look weird in em. And they are pretty old, but I'm scared to go to the eye doctor. But I think I need to go. :( It'll probably take me a few months to get the courage up to go.

And lastly for today. Kristin gave me a Beta fish for my birthday last month. When she gave him to me he came with these little water food/cleaner pellet things. I ran out. And because I'm a good pet owner, I went to get more. But they didn't have any. I looked at the 5 fish isles at Petco. They have a lot of fish stuff. I finally found Bowl Buddies. I remember using these with my last beta years ago. And I remember that (as the box says) they are in fact 'fast, fizzy and fun!' But it's not food like the last pellets were. So I needed to buy food too. There's like a bajillion kinds of beta food. It's crazy. But I finally went with Betta Bio-Gold for the simple fact that it 'reduces stress and related illness.' Anything that will make my fish less stressed is worth $2.99 to me. Oh the joy of birthday presents that require continual maintenance. But I love Stephen Fillup. (thats my fishes name)

Ahh...a day in the life of Andrea. I'm glad I almost never get sick of hanging out with me. Oh and guess what else, a miracle happened and I found my lost scriptures at the U. They got lost like 6 months ago. It was weird. Now I can return the ones (that are still unopened) that my mom got me for Christmas.


shane said...

Of all the andreas I know, you're life is the coolest. (I know 2 andreas) your life is cooler than case you missed that the first time. Andrea G. coolest life. Andrea S. 2nd coolest andrea I know life.

Kristin said...

I like how I got no credit in the oxy story. Gees.

it's me, andrea. said...


Kristin was in the passenger seat of my car talking on the phone when the oxy/bum thing happened.

Sorry about that plot hole.

Anonymous said...

Andrea dear...please oh please tell me that you spelled DUMB BLONDE wrong on purpose?!?!?!?!? In case you need help, it's in the Auto Zone section and it says DUMB BLOND...i really hope you meant to do that! - Love ya!
Your Younger Brother Scott.

it's me, andrea. said...

Oh little brother,

I hate to say that you're wrong...or is it I won't.

But I will say, I was talking to Paul when I got your little message, and he said I'm probably ok spelling it either way.

He also may have mentioned that if it were him he'd spell it with an E, but whatever. I'm not changing it.