Monday, July 29, 2013

Project 365: Day 196-210

July 15- They're starting a band.  It's called 'White Noise.'
July 16- A play-date with baby M.  This was the best shot I could get of these on-the-move kids.
 July 17- Newport Beach.  Happy kids.
 July 18- We had a fish die and Garrett talked about it too much, so I told him we could go pick a new fish.  We ended up with a guppy and a little frog to add to the tank with Mr. Fishie.  The guppy is Go Fish, and the frog is High Jump.
 July 19- It took a minute to even tell that this guy was real.  His owner was playing the violin at the Uptown Farmer's Market.  I love finding little places that have a small-town/country feel.
July 20- Bounce house at a community car wash/bbq.
 July 21- I dropped these two off at the airport this morning.  He's spending a week getting spoiled by his Utah grandparents.
 July 22- Ya know those flip flops that you wear all the time even if they don't match?  My old ones wore out, and these are quickly becoming the new ones.  Sketchers for $14.00.
 July 23- Garrett turns three in two months, and my nephew turns one a couple weeks later, so I'm throwing a combines party for them in St. George in September.  Construction site theme!  I'm trying to get it all planned while Garrett's gone this week.  So we headed to Harbor Freight to pick up a couple things.  Addie was bored.
 July 24- Busy baking this week!  I made three dozen today for a cake walk fundraiser.  It's for an organization that donates pet food to senior living centers for residents who want to have a pet, but can't afford the food.  Who thinks of this stuff?  What a great organization!
 July 25- So many succulents centerpieces!  Party planning night!
July 26- Food truck dinner.  Supporting the local boys and girls club.
 July 27- One last swing with Mimi and Papa in Vegas before we had to say good-bye.  He had a great week!
 July 28- We had friends over for dinner tonight.  So fun!  Four kids, two and under makes it challenging to get a good picture.  Boys picking their noses, girls are over it.
 July 29- I made these truck shirts for the kids today.  Addie loves hers.  Garrett's is "Too big. Take it off."

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