Monday, July 1, 2013

Project 365: 168-182

June 17- Garrett's had a little raspberry on his chest, (under his finger) since he was a baby.  It's slowly fading, but tonight it was like he was seeing it for the first time.  I said "did you know you've had that since you were a baby?"  He said, "yeah."  I said, "do you know what it is?" he said, "my purple heart."
June 18- Ice cream cones on the porch.  Also, look at my diet coke glass, it's the shape of a can.
June 19- These two, I swear.  It's like night and day difference when they have good naps.  This was taken after 3 hour naps for both of them.  Most days?  Not so lucky.
June 20- We found a cute little place for lunch called Little Prince Kids Cafe.  Lots of creative things to play with/on.  And the food wasn't bad either.
June 21- It's like, why even make it into cookies?
June 22- I catered and decorated for an event this afternoon.  This is the candy table that was requested.  A celebration of See's chocolate, peanut brittle, and purple.
June 23- Cleaning out stuff that doesn't fit anymore and replacing it with new stuff.  Addie went through Garrett's 'too small pile' (shorts) and Garrett found Addie's new stuff (shoes).
June 24- "Yippee!  Mimi here! Stay my house! Play wiff mine toys!"  These are Garrett's instructions to her for the week.
June 25- An evening walk at Old World.
June 26- We are a couple weeks late but we're finally on a little anniversary getaway.  Five days with no kids!  (Kinda miss 'em already.)
June 27- A loaded potato twister at LBS in Vegas with the Riddles.  Yum!
June 28- Having so much fun on our grown-up vacation.
June 29- Date Night!  It's like we all tried really hard to be matchy matchy but didn't quite succeed.
June 30- We made it home from Vegas.  Happy kids.  Happy parents.
July 1- Paul is selling fireworks tonight at the Whittier Host Lions Club stand.  The kids packed their money in their wallets and we headed out to buy some.

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