Wednesday, July 24, 2013

beach, beach, beach...

I'm doing good this summer on my goal of taking the kids to the beach more.  And they love it more and more every time.

Little Corona with Mom and friends.

Little Corona with Paul's family

Newport Pier with friends. (maybe my new fave beach)

 Addie loved this beach.  She took off running into the ocean several times, and it totally surprised me!  She mostly still hates the sand, (at least until we've been there a while and she gets used to the idea), and she's scared of crashing waves.  But this is a child friendly beach with shallow water and small waves and both kids absolutely loved it.
The sand by the water has what looks like flakes of gold in it.  Addie was very amazed, she's looking at her hands covered in gold in this picture.
 We're taking a beach break this week while Garrett's gone, but next week we'll be back at it.

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Heidi Rogers said...

Ah, so fun! What great photos. I miss the beach so much.