Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Photo Dump (Part 1)

I feel like if the "extra" photos from the month that don't get their own blog post need more than just a Part 1, it may be a sign that I take too many pictures...

Oh well... Skip it if you want to.

At the Dr. We found out earlier this month that Garrett may have seasonal allergies.
 At the Lion's Club firework stand.

 Little cutie loves carrying her purse from Mimi.
 Garrett discovered a new way to ride in the cart.
 Breakfast with dad.
We went on a long walk, played at the park, and had breakfast at Mimo's Cafe in Uptown.
Leaf crunching.

We took Paul's cousin, Jake, to sing karaoke.
 Free slurpee day. 7-11
Wandering around downtown LA.

 Famous Taquitos on Olvera Street.

 The kids think it's so funny to pretend to be asleep in the car.  (Addie was naked here because she jumped in a fountain at a cathedral in LA.)

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