Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer 2013 Theme Weeks

Maybe I'm aiming too high this summer, but to be honest with you, unless I have something new-ish planned everyday, even if it's a little tiny project or outing, the kids and I kinda drive each other crazy.  Garrett needs stuff to do, and when I tell him in the morning what we're doing that day, he's always so excited and the whole day goes much better.  I realize that summer seems year round for us because no one's in school, and because it's pretty nice outside all the time here, but the kids seem to get bored when the days are longer.  Maybe it's just in my head, and maybe the kids are just at a hard age/phase, but whatever it is, the Bucket List, and theme week plan are lifting all of our spirits.  

I made this little wooden display to help me keep track of our theme weeks.  I got the idea from the wood connection blog, and changed it up a bit.  As the years go on, (if this is something we continue)  it'll be a way for the kids to see what fun things are coming up that week.  The front has a piece of metal attached to it with small magnets to hold all the activities we're doing. And also, to display that weeks theme.

The back has mini clothespins glued to it, and each clothespin holds the theme label, plus all the activities for that week stacked behind it.  I'll rotate each of these to the front as the weeks go on.

I'll plan to post the things we do each week, so I won't list all of the activities here.  For now I'll just post the topics we'll be having fun with each week.  Also, check my 2013 Summer Themes board for the links to where I got most of my ideas.

-Space Week
-Dinosaur Week
-Weather Week
-Ocean Week
-Farm Week
-Bug Week

We started yesterday with weather week!

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Heidi Rogers said...

Awesome! Pinning this! (Not that I'm likely to ever do it...)