Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I compiled this list back in May and have it saved one my phone.  I've added to it as I think of new things, but I think there's enough (maybe too much) to keep us busy for the next couple of months.  We've already done several of them, and I'm looking forward to checking more off the list!

I decided to make a list, not to put unnecessary pressure on myself, but just to have a good go-to list for ideas on the boring days.  I need the motivation, because I've become kinda lazy the past few months.  Not to be all, 'I have a good reason', but, I have a good reason.  I hurt my shoulder earlier this year.  Like, crazy hurt it.  I don't remember exactly when and how it happened, I just know that I had two toddlers, my purse, and probably about seven grocery bags in my arms, and we were going upstairs.  I was trying to lift a kid higher or something to get a better grip, and I felt this shock go through my arm.  It didn't start constantly hurting right when it happened, but over a few days it got worse and worse.  We started going on less walks because pushing the stroller was a challenge.  And getting it down the stairs, or even out of the back of the van and setting it up was truly impossible for a while there.  And I didn't trust my strength to let both kids walk because one of them always wants to be carried for at least a little bit.  Everyday tasks were really painful.  Dish washing, vacuuming, lifting kids in the tub, opening doors, etc.  I couldn't even extend my arm out while laying in bed to get chap stick or my phone off my night stand.  And putting deodorant on the opposite arm pit was one of my most dreaded and painful tasks.  I started going to the chiropractor twice a week, and he'd adjust my arm/shoulder while I was standing.  It looked and felt like he was trying to rip my arm off.  My chiropractor lets interns come to his office almost daily to observe and learn, and every time I was there he'd make sure and have the intern there to educate them on this strange injury.  I also had my massage lady work hard on that spot every week, and massages stopped being enjoyable.  And lastly, a family friend who is a personal trainer works with me weekly on different exercises and stretches to strengthen and restore it.  Phew, that was long.  All that to say, it's helped, and I'm good about 90% of the time now. So it's time for full-time fun!  Also, two times yesterday I read captions on IG photos that were something like "as summer is winding down..."  and "as fall approaches..."  Say what?!?  So I googled it and found this.
We got plenty of time!  I'm giving us till Garrett's birthday (Sept. 23) to see how much we can cross off the list.

Summer Fun 2013

-A sunset walk on the beach
-Splash pad
-Donuts for breakfast at the park
-Get free slurpees on 7-11 day
-Have brunch at Mimo's Cafe
-Host a Pool Party
-Long Beach Farmers Market
-Camp out in Poppy's backyard
-Grow a garden
-Go bowling
-Attend an outdoor concert
-Have a water fight
-Have a craft day
-Have a BBQ
-Roast hot dogs and mallows
-Make sugar cookies
-Make fresh peach pie
-Light our own fireworks
-Have a picnic at Whittier Narrows
-Go on a hike
-Start a quilt
-Wander downtown LA (more than just the fabric district)
-Drink a dirty Diet Coke from 'Swig' in St. George Utah
-Turn our dining room table into a mini city and race cars around
-Spray paint a couple things, either from around the house or thrift/yard sale finds
-Make kool-aid taffy
-Have happy meals at the park
-Do theme weeks*
-Go mini golfing
-Have snow cones from Scotty's at Parnell Park
-Pick fresh fruit

This may seem overwhelming to some, but seeing it in writing makes me feel excited and motivated.

*Theme weeks are some ideas I came up with before the bucket list was created, to try and have educational activities mixed in with our summer days.  We'll see how we do, I'm feeling ambitious!  I'll post the theme week plan tomorrow.


RGS said...

I was telling UJ about your list, and he thought that was a splendid idea. He had been thinking of some things for us to do and thought making a list would help keep us on track. We are also going to pencil these things on our calendar and try to work other things around you, Auntie

Heidi Rogers said...

I wonder if the people saying "summer is winding down" have kids that start school in August? Otherwise, they are crazy. Sometimes I panic thinking about how quickly the cold weather will actually come, and so we do way too much while it's warm, but I am with you. We have lots of time left!

Have fun checking things off your summer bucket list!