Saturday, August 3, 2013

July Photo Dump (Part 2)

A life jacket at dinner, just in case.
 Addie entertained Garrett while he laid on the chair for almost 20 minutes refusing to swallow his bite of vegis.  He finally swallowed them.
 A play date with baby M.  We never got a good picture, but we tried pretty hard.
 Late night cookie makin'.
 This girl is determined.  We went to three stores in the shopping complex, and she carried this bag from the furthest store to the car.  It was a long hot walk, but she wanted to help!
 I guess she's seen me push the cup buttons, because she does it now too.

 A free community car wash and BBQ.

 National Ice Cream Day.  Any excuse to eat ice cream on a hot night.
She was bored while brother was in Utah for a week.
 At dinner, arm in arm with Daddy.

 Vegi pickin' with my baby girl.
Paul had a day off so we headed to South Coast Plaza.  Garrett insisted that he push the stroller.
 He'd push as hard as he could and she how far she would go.
 The kids loved The Land of Nod almost as much as I did.  I could spend a lot of money in that store.  (If I had a lot of money.)

 "Look mom! No hands!"
 Addie swept the kitchen for me, holding her purse the whole time.

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