Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Themes: Weather Week.

We learned about weather this week.  This was the week with the least amount of stuff to do.  I couldn't think of much weather related!  But we still had fun.  And mother nature brought us sun, wind, and rain this week so at least we had real weather to see.

Garrett loved every bit of it.  I love how excited he gets about little things.  It totally motivates me to keep being creative with our days.  Addie doesn't get quite as excited, and when she does, she gets over it pretty quick, but that's ok, she goes along with it.

We made cotton ball clouds, and whenever I'd ask if they wanted more lightening bolts glued to their clouds, Addie would yell, "Ka Chow!"

We ate cloud jello.  I prepped blue jello, and when it was mostly set up I stirred it up.  Then, scooped a bit of jell-o in the cup, then a bit of cool whip around the sides, more jell-o, more whip, etc.  Easy, and both kids thought it was so cool.

We made rain clouds out of shaving cream.  Water in a jar, shaving cream on top, then start dripping food coloring mixed with water onto the shaving cream until it comes though the "cloud" like rain.  This was Garrett's fave.  He thought it was so awesome.
We also made rainbows with finger paint.  We used marshmallows as our paint brushes and Addie mostly just ate the mallows.

And we read a new book called "Leaves."  It's a boring book.  I thought it was about wind blowing leaves, but it's mostly about seasons changing.  And did I mention it's boring?

We're taking a break this week while Garrett's out of town, but we'll be back at it the next week.

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