Monday, July 15, 2013

Project 365: 183-195

July 2- We made a last minute change of plans and sent Addie with Mimi on her flight home.  Then we all met in St. George the next day to celebrate the 4th.
July 3- We made it ti St. George.  The kids were so hot and so excited about the pool that they didn't wait for it to be full, or for me to find their swimming suits.
July 4-  Happy Independence Day!
July 5- Baby Will had his first swim, and he loved it!
July 6- The drive home went great!  Not traffic, perfect kids, and only one stop.
July 7- The M & L Fabrics half-yearly sale.  Dangerous...
July 8- Rainforest Cafe for lunch.  Needless to say, sitting right next to the aquarium made it challenging for Garrett to focus on eating.
July 9- This was a day full of never ending piles of toys, laundry, messes, etc. I found this tux while cleaning and made Garrett try it on.  His response was, "too big, take it off."  I told him I'd take it off after a quick picture and he promptly struck this pose.  Well trained!
July 10- Paul's started getting into emergency preparedness this year.  And with that he's leaned about survival gardening.  His first experiment  was with Amaranth seed.  They are doing really well, bit I still don't really know how to use it.
July 11- 7-11 Day.  Free Slurpees.  (Garrett: Flurpee.  Addie: Mupee.)
July 12- I'm trying to sew more this summer to justify my fabric addiction.  Today I made a table cloth to keep in our picnic basket.
July 13- A succulent wall in LA.  I love succulents!
July 14- Paul's cousin has been hanging out with us all weekend from Colorado as his high school graduation present.  He's heading home tomorrow and then off to college.

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