Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

We headed to La Mirada park late morning on Father's Day to have brunch and say good-bye to Paul's cousin.  He and his wife and kids were off to Texas for their next adventure the following morning.  Paul's Aunt Esther brought everything, so we just had to show up.  Side note: Have you ever had Subway flat bread breakfast sandwiches?  I'm not a breakfast person.  At all.  But she brought those and I was hungry so I tried it.  They are so good.

Anyway,  Garrett had so much fun a couple weeks ago with his cousins that he'd never met and he was so excited when I told him we got to go play with them again.

 This was the first time that Poppy and his 9 great-grand children were all together.  He was so happy.  I send this image to Costco as soon as I took it and had it printed as an 8x10.  I framed it and gave it to him that night at a family barbecue.  He was so surprised that I did it so quickly, and he was so happy.  He hugged the picture after he'd studied it for a few minutes.  It was really sweet.
Uh-oh...  Me and Paul have a joke that if I ever ask him to do something specific to help, rather than just help me clean, or help me make the food, that he messes something up.  The joke is that he does it on purpose so he won't ever have to help again.  He wanted to jump in the pool right before we were about ready to eat, so I asked him to get the dip and salad from the fridge and take it down to the table first.  Aaaand, he dropped the salad.
 Addie's in the muscle showing phase, so of course, Garrett's back in it too.

 They love their Daddy.  I do too.
 Snuggle time before bed, after a full, fun day.  He couldn't ask for a better way to end it.

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Heidi Rogers said...

I completely agree about Subway breakfast sandwiches. They are the best fast food breakfast around. Too bad they don't have playgrounds...