Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Times like this...

...make Utah and California seem not so far apart.

I mentioned on my photo-a-day that my mom came out to babysit for us.  First of all, I realize this kind of a visit isn't typical for most people, it's not typical for us either.  But I only have one friend that I felt comfortable asking to babysit on a weeknight, but her boys had spring break that week and they were on vacation.  (I've never really had a babysitter for my kids, so I don't know etiquette, but 8-midnight on a weeknight when I only know people with small kids seems inconsiderate.) But because my mom-in-law isn't the 'go out' type, and she was really excited about this, my FIL thought it would be a good idea for us to have someone we trusted watch our kids so we didn't worry/have to leave early/or only one of us go.  So that's where my mom came in.  It's strange calling my mom and saying, "Hey can you babysit Tuesday night?"  I wish it could happen more often.  I've gotten used to living away from family, but it will never be easy.

Here's how we spent our couple of days together.

She was going to come Monday, but flying on Easter night was about a hundred dollars cheaper.  So after our festivities we went to the airport.  We told Garrett we were going to watch planes, something he's done before and loved.  He was so surprised to see my mom!  Paul took a good video, but I'm too lazy to get it.  He had both hands over his mouth and kept looking at her and back at us.  When he was over the shock, both kids started jumping up and down and galloping around.  Addie wanted to pull the suitcase.

 Garrett leading the way in the bunny hop.
We went to the mall to play and have lunch.

We spent Tuesday at Huntington Beach.  It was perfect weather.  Springtime in California is the best.

See that blue circle?  There's a dolphin (fin) right in the middle of it.  We saw a lot of dolphins playing and it was so fun!  I've seen dolphins in the ocean but I was on a boat in Hawaii.  This was the first time I've ever seen them from the shore in California.  I loved it!  But of course I couldn't get a picture of one jumping higher out of the water.
Addie made a new friend.  That's the boy's dad in the background.  He and his wife (and two little boys) had just come from an ultrasound learning that they are having a girl, so they were super excited and loved watching Addie with their boys.

Having lunch at Ruby's Diner on the pier.

Garrett was digging in his pocket counting his pennies and nickles to see if he had enough money for a gum ball.

That night was party night.  Paul and I had so much fun having dinner and singing karaoke.  We had that conversation where we were like, "We need to go out like this more often and just let loose and have fun!"  I know it wont happen, and it wouldn't be as fun if we did it often.  But it was super fun.
 Look how much fun my mother in law is having here.
 My father in law and the priest. 
 Girls just wanna have fun!
 All the ladies and the priest.
And the next morning we said good-bye to Mimi.  
My mom is so good with the kids, and as you can see, they adore her.  She said to me a couple different times, "I don't know how you do this everyday!"  And I would remind her that she did the same thing.  But if I was trying to keep up with her, Garrett and Addie would be about a month closer in age, and I would be pregnant with #3 right now.  Oi.  I don't know how SHE did it!

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Crystal said...

I love your cute little family. Your kids are absolutely beautiful. I am so glad that I have decided to get back on task and blog again because I enjoy everyone's updates.