Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter eve...Poppy's birthday party.

Paul had an uncle here from Colorado and a cousin here from Chicago, so we spent most of the weekend with family.

Paul's grandpa turned 87 on the 26th of March, so we had a birthday party for him Saturday night.  He wanted sandwiches and almond cake, so that's what he got.  Paul and I each only have a grandparent left, and the two we have are our moms' dads.  When we met each other grandpa's, we both said each others reminds us of our own.  Just the sweetest, kindest, hard-working...est, men you'd ever meet.  My grandpa will be 94 in a couple of days.
 Playing ball over the balcony.
 I love this picture of Garrett doing pull-ups on the railing.  Muscle man!

We play this game with the kids to get them to take more bites.  It's called 'food cheers'.   Garrett ate his whole dinner by running around the table and 'cheers-ing' his food with everyone. 

After his birthday dinner, Poppy wanted to talk about Passover and have communion.

 It was a bit challenging (and entertaining) to make it through with the kids, (think Addie running laps around the table and Garrett slurping grape juice) but they did alright.
 This was the first cake since Garrett turned two, that he didn't want to help blow out the candles.  They had a fun sparkler-like feature, and were a bit too flashy for him to want to get too close.
And later we colored eggs with crayons.  Really hot eggs, so the wax would go on easy.  Really cool, but really hot.

When we got home, Garrett and I made nests.  Like rice crispy treats, but with chinese noodles instead of cereal.

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Dana said...

I want to write a novel on each of your posts. I've decided on a bulleted list instead.
- Precious grandpa
- kids I want to have over to my house
- fruit in a cupcake stand
- can our boys be best friends?