Sunday, April 7, 2013

Project 365: 88-97

March 29- I went to a baby shower for my good friend.  She's about the cutest and most high-energy preggo I've ever known.
March 30- Happy 87th birthday Poppy.  (We celebrated a couple days late.)
March 31- The kids loved playing with eggs and toys in the A-frame tents I made for them.  Happy Easter!
April 1- I was going to mix it up and follow a photo a day list of words I came across for April, and take a picture having to do with a different word everyday.  I decided not to do it, but thought it was funny that this was the picture I took today, and when I looked at the list, Apr. 1st's word was 'FUN'.  We had fun playing at the mall with Mimi.
April 2- I should spend more of my life in karaoke bars.  I've only ever sung karaoke on cruise ships and I love it.  My in-laws are good friends with a Catholic priest who is a regular at a place here in town (Bruce's).  He and my MIL share a birthday so we all celebrated together.  I sang about 6 songs, and made Paul sing one with me too.  And Father Scott?  He was killin' it.  Until you've sung karaoke with a priest, you haven't sung karaoke.
April 3- As I mentioned from yesterday's picture.  My MIL really wanted us all at the karaoke party.  But it was on a week night and all of our friends have young kids and I didn't feel right about asking someone to watch our kids, right at bed time on a weeknight.  I decided I'd just let Paul go to the party.  But when I told my FIL that, he bought a plane ticket for my mom to fly out and babysit.  This was good-bye after a short, but fun couple of days.
April 4- Celebrating Grandma White's birthday with the kids.  In-n-Out and cupcakes at the park.
April 5- She wore an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini... I couldn't resist this at Target.  But after I put it on her, I decided to exchange it for something more practical.
April 6- I'd "spring-cleaned" the porch the night before, and had been trying to think of a small source of entertain for a very small space.  I decided on this splash table.  It's a perfect fit, and the kids' excitement level was like we were at a water park.
April 7- A Great-Grandpa + a couple beach balls + a leaf blower = an evening of entertainment for Garrett.

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