Saturday, April 6, 2013

According to Garrett

Me: Garrett, do you want chocolate milk or juice?
Garrett: Chocolate juice. (But he still pronounces chocolate 'cha-led a led a'.)

I noticed throughout one day a few weeks ago, that Garrett seemed to be itching his nose a lot and one eye was kind of watery.  But as he was watching his night-time episode of Phineas and Ferb, his eye wasn't watering as much.  I paused the tv, and asked, "do your eyes hurt or are they okay?" he said, "okay."  I said, "is your nose ok or is it itchy?" he said, "okay."  I tried to go through other things, mouth, ears, etc...  He stopped me and said (and touched each thing as he went along), "Mom, head- okay, eyes- okay, nose- okay, mouff- okay!"  Then he pointed to the remote and said, "beep."

He walks around with my old blackberry in his pocket, and he often pulls it out and pretend dials and says, "Hello Mimi!"

I was holding Addie and trying to get Garrett to climb in the van.  He was watching a dog and not listening to me. I finally got him to climb in and I jokingly said, "pay attention, yo!"  He looked at me and said, with a puzzled look, "Attench...yo??"

Getting him from bed one morning.  I walked in and said, "Hi sweetheart!"  His response, "Hi zweet mom!"

I've gotten in the habit of asking him how he slept when he gets up from his nap.  Yesterday he beat me to it.  "Hi mom!  I pleep good!"

Me:  Addie, how old are you?
Addie: Two!
Garrett: No, Lulu one, me, TEN!

The three of us have spent a lot of time on the couch this last week, the kids recovering from colds and me staying close to wipe noses.  On our down days we love the Disney channel.  Here's the names of our favorite shows, (according to Garrett, of course)
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse=Mick Mouse
-Phineas and Ferb= Nigh, nigh, nigh...with a slight 'G' sound at the end...said really fast...I've been sitting here making the sound to try and decide how to spell it.  It's Garrett mimicking Perry's teeth chatter. -OR- Perry-pus.
-Jake and the Neverland Pirates=Pites Hook
Octonauts=Ock tots

Speaking of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  We hardly ever watch that show, but a couple days ago I bought a decorative ship wheel and when G saw it he said, "Hook's boat?"  Then we took turns running around with it, chasing each other and pretending we were driving a ship, he'd squeal and yell, "No, Hook!!"

We bought a bug catcher net thingy as a gift a few days ago.  Garrett kept swinging it in the air and saying, "Go catch Butt-flies."

He wanted some of Paul's cologne, so Paul put a tiny dot on his arm.  He took a big sniff and said, "Ahhh, I stink."

Me: Do you want mac-n-cheese for lunch?
Him: No mac cheese.
Me: Yes mac cheese.
Him: No mac cheese.
Me: Then what do you want for lunch?
Him: (sneaky little smile, taps his fingers together, and slowly whispers) Gumm balllls.

On our walk, Me: Okay, hold hands, we're going in the street.
He takes my hand and we cross.  I let go of his hand.
Him: (Reaches up) No, mom, hold hands?
Me: You still want to hold hands?
Him: Yeah.
I take his hand again.  Then I hear a really quiet, "Thanks, mom."
(little heart melter.)

At Costco last night by the little wooden playgrounds and play houses.  He kept saying something, and then "house".  Me and Paul kept asking, "Go house?" "NO" "Our house" "NO" "Umm...Your house?" "NO" ...I finally said, "Sorry bud, we don't know what you're saying." He let our a loud and dramatic, "MOO!!"  I said, "Ohhh, COW house!?!"  He casually said, "Yeah."  I said, "like a barn?"  Again, he said, "Yeah."

Just for fun tonight as I was getting him ready for bed, I said, "Garrett, where do all the cows go to bed?"  He said, "Cow house."

Love that kid.


Dana said...

Can we pleeeeaaaase see you!! These are adorable! Made me laugh out loud. Love that little stinker, love you too. :)

Heidi Rogers said...

hahahhahah! He's hilarious!

Also, saw your Easter posts and I'm glad this Easter was more enjoyable for you. :)