Monday, April 15, 2013

Project 365: 98-104

April 8- Solo run to Target after a long day.  That place is full of stuff I didn't know I needed. (Flower pot gnome and chalkboard thought bubble.)
April 9- Diet Coke on the elliptical.  Yup, she's mine.
April 10- Garrett's project.  The no brush rinsing and the mixing of colors stresses me out a little.  I'm trying to embrace his creativity and the messes that come along with them.  But when he was done I threw the mixed up paint away.
April 11- Garrett slept over at his grandparents, so Addie Lu had a date night with just dad and mom.  Or as Paul called it two-on-Lu.  We went to the toy store and out for ice cream.
April 12- Toddler trend-setter.  Boys can wear purple too.  He was adamant about it, "Zocks! Zocks AND shoes."
April 13- Six months ago this little yummy bundle made me an aunt.  He's fighting a hard fight. but he's the strongest, bravest little guy I know.
April 14- This is the first picture of my kids with their cousin, Baby Will.  There's about a year between Garrett and Addison, and about a year between Addison and William.

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Dana said...

adorable adorable! All of it adorable. Especially A on the elliptical with the coke.. haha!