Thursday, April 4, 2013

I love Easter...

The kids loved these A-frame tents I made for each of them and they both loved hunting for eggs.  I bought a truck for Garrett and a wagon for Addie instead of baskets.  Both beach toys, because our beach supplies are kind of lame right now.  Garrett raced around the living room and would run one egg at a time back to his truck.  Addie pulled her wagon with her everywhere she went.  It tipped over a couple of times, but she'd carefully pick each egg up and go on with the hunt.  Even when she was getting the eggs from my elliptical, she tried to pull her wagon right up there with her.  (I expected that Garrett would be the careful one, and Addie would race around like crazy. Wrong.)

Paul and I had a conversation the night before Easter about last Easter.  How tiny Addie was, the dark place I was in, how Garrett was just kind of getting the idea.  We both remember saying how fun it would be to have two kids walking the next year and getting into the fun.  And I remember thinking, I hope I can pull out of this and really enjoy my kids and motherhood more.  I'm in such a better place now than I was a year ago.

We headed back to the White's for lunch and another hunt.  It's serious business over there.  There was even a basket hidden on the roof, and a $30 prize.  (I won this year!)

 It looks like basket hunting was rough on Addie this year.

The kids found all the hard boiled eggs in Poppy's yard, and that was just as fun as candy-filled eggs.

 She's challenging herself, trying to find eggs with her eyes shut.

Paul's cousin, Austin, taught Garrett a new game.  Trying to move the ball around the yard, but throwing hard-boiled eggs at it.  Tons of fun, but lots of sacrificial eggs.

Garrett and I grew wheat grass in plastic eggs a few days before Easter.
 We also made treat boxes and nests for everyone.

After lunch and a failed nap attempt for Addie (kid WILL NOT sleep at my in-laws house for some reason), we headed home to straighten up, take naps, and then we head to the airport to pick up my mom.

It was a really good weekend.  I love that holidays are so fun again, now that we have little kids, and I love the chance to teach them about Jesus, and talk about the Resurrection.  (Even though right now, they give us about 4 seconds before they run off.)

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