Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dana Point

We went away for the weekend with the White family.  We went to Dana Point.  When we were deciding where to go, I said to Paul, "Remember that little town we drove through a couple years ago after camping, and I said, 'People who have never been to California think this is what all California beaches look like.'?"  That town was Dana Point.  It's beautiful and did not disappoint.

We (7 people) rented a 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom, HUGE home.  It was beautiful.  And it's actually bigger than that because the owners live in the basement, and the rental portion is the top 3 floors.  Who knows how big the basement apartment is.  I definitely had house envy.

Blowing bubbles and relaxin' on the balcony.

Garrett and I shared a room.  He slept on a pad on the floor, but spent most of the night off the pad.  He asked if he could sleep with me, but having this kid in your bed is like sleeping with a ninja.
We went to the Farmers Market.  Garrett loved puppy watching.  And he got to help pick names for a giveaway.

Addie was a little super hero all day.
We did a little shopping.  Then the men and kids went home for naps.  And my MIL, SIL, and I shopped and shopped and shopped, then stopped for lunch, then shopped some more.

I'd seen a flower nursery/farm-like place (called Farm to Market) while we were out and  I knew the kids would love it, so we took them to see it.

Hanging out at the house...

Annie bought us all dino tattoos.
I was a sucker and paid six bucks for a tiny bag of colorful rocks for a little tractor dig box I'm making for Garrett.  Oh, and, this is two tiny bags worth, so, 12 bucks.  Vacation money is different than real life money.
Garrett loved the cherries.  I don't buy them often and realized he's never had them, (I don't think) but he was an instant pro at de-stemming them and spitting out the seeds.
The beach was Garrett's favorite part.  I wish all California beaches had Dana Point sand.  It was whiter than any I've seen here.  And so soft and clean.  Addie, my little sand-a-phobe, even couldn't get enough.  I may have taken a little bit in our sand buckets, just to play with on the porch.

 And...then we were home.  Laundry, baths, and our own beds.  But first, a little fresh air on the porch.

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Dana said...

I LOVE Dana Point! I went there in high school and got a sticker at a surf shop called Killer Dana. Had it on my car that we sold. Next time you're there, I may have you stop by the shop and get a replacement sticker! Haha. Miss you, looks like you had a great time! xoxo