Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let Freedom Ring

We had a very, very low key 4th. It started late morning/early afternoon. Garrett and I both slept in pretty late. Paul ran to the store to get a couple things I needed to make pie. He also ran to Polly's because we had a coupon for a free pie and free cinnamon roll.

We all shared the huge cinnamon roll for an early lunch and then I made a fresh peach pie. We spent the afternoon at home and then headed over to the in-laws. I've been worried about Garrett getting too hot in his head gear (and I admit that the thing bothers me WAY more than it bothers him) but its been really hot and his little head feels really warm and sometimes sweaty quite often. So we decided to give him a buzz cut. Although this was his 4th haircut in his 9 months of existence, it was harder for me than any of them. We cut a couple inches off and I hated seeing all that soft hair fall to the ground, but he looks cute and I hope it'll keep him cooler. I needed a couple reminders that hair grows back! After the cut we had some pool time. I never get sick of watching Garrett swim. He loves kicking his legs and splashing. He gets so much water all over his face and in his eyes and then looks confused about where its coming from, but it doesn't stop him.After swimming we had a barbecue and then just visited and played with toys for a couple hours. From my in-laws balcony you can see several firework shows but we decided to call it a night before many of them even started. We saw a few on the drive home and that was enough for us. (I really am a huge fan of fireworks and I don't even mind fighting the crowds, but I know for the next 3 or 4 years we'll be putting kids to bed when the main 4th celebrations are just beginning for most, and I'm ok with that.)

Also, the peach pie was the highlight of the day for me. Pie is typically my least favorite dessert. But I was introduced to Marie Callender's fresh peach pie a couple years ago and it was delicious. I found a recipe online last year so I made it and was surprised by how close it was to the real thing. It's SUPER easy to make. I posted the recipe last year, and HERE it is if you want to try it.

Our little American Gladiator.


Heidi said...

You're right, hair does grow back. I learned that after trying to spike my hair when I was 16 and it not working out AT ALL. However, we have yet to give Langdon a haircut and I was just saying yesterday that I think I'll put it off as long as possible. I think it's more difficult to cut baby hair, so hats off to you!

maranoelle said...

Did you use the coupons that were won at the Antique Fair?! So glad they were delish. Can't wait to see you in two days!

Tera said...

I love your blog! It always makes me happy especially to see that cute little face =)