Thursday, July 14, 2011

it never ends

First of all, Garrett is almost 10 months old. Yesterday I realized that when he turns 1 I'll be about 34 weeks pregnant. And if the home stretch of this pregnancy is anything like my first, I won't have much energy or motivation to plan a birthday party. I'd already come up with the theme for his birthday but hadn't done much else. Until yesterday. I'm in full on party planning mode! I told Paul not to worry because it likely won't last the full 2 months, but right now, and probably for at least a couple more days, the creative juices are flowing! I think he believes me...although I did hear him mutter a comment about contacting TLC's Most Outrageous Kid Parties. I told him last night in bed that I know Garrett won't remember it, or even know what's going on. But I asked him how much of his early childhood he really remembers. I don't remember much of mine. But I have pictures of fun things my parents did for us kids, and seeing those, even though I don't remember the days or events makes me feel loved. I told Paul, as funny as this may sound, planning things like this, and then having memories of it through pictures is kind of a little love note from me to Garrett. That helped him understand, although he didn't really have a problem with it.

But the main reason I started writing this. Garrett had an appointment at Cranial Tech yesterday. They see a little progress already, which is good. But there's still some concern about the left side of his neck. We got a call from his pediatrician today saying Cranial Tech called him and asked him to write a physical therapy prescription for him. We also have to take him to a specialist to have x-rays of his neck to see how bad it really is. I read somewhere months ago when I was trying to become educated about Torticollis that something like 8% of babies who are born with it have to get is corrected surgically. (I really don't think his is that bad, but what do I know?) Physical therapy is expensive! Just like everything else. But if he needs it, I suppose we'll do it. Paul talked to our insurance guy yesterday because we got a check from them to help with Garrett's helmet. We were told the most they'd pay would be $700 of the $3800 and we were pretty sure we'd get all of that. We got $585. Our insurance guy told Paul, "You need to remember, insurance companies aren't in the business of paying out money." ...Comforting... And, um, yeah, we know. In the month of June, between Garrett, my unborn child (who we pre-pay for the delivery for), counselling, and my tooth, we've been billed out of pocket, almost exactly $8000. In one month!!

My parents were always good when we were growing up about making kids the priority. Whether it be medical stuff, school stuff, extra curricular stuff, etc. But I do remember hearing from time to time when several things would hit at once, them saying to each other, "it never ends..." I only have one kid right now who's less than a year old, and I've already learned what those three words (when it comes to parenting) really mean. (But it's oh so worth it.)

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Heidi said...

Even though we know it's worth it, that is a tough financial pill to swallow. I'm sorry that everything has been hitting at once. :(

Also, I'm excited to see what you do for Garrett's party. :)