Friday, July 22, 2011

New(ish) Friends, Physical Therapy, Uptown Whittier

Ted and Lauren came over for dinner a couple nights ago. We met them a time or two before we lived here. Ted is 'in the biz'. He's the #2 guy at a cemetery near by, and cemetery guys know mortuary guys. But we've never hung out with just them. They got married a couple weeks before us and had a baby a couple weeks before us so we have a few things in common!

We had a really good time talking and getting to know them better. And the babies got along great! Ted made a joke as we were taking pictures of them that these would be great pictures for a wedding video. Maybe it's a little romance in the making! They did trade pacifiers once and Garrett patted her bum a couple times too, so maybe its a little more serious than we thought...

We hope to hang out with them more, it was a good time.

Garrett started Physical Therapy this week. I'm very, very happy about it. He loves his therapist. She's a young little spunky grandma and she's so good with him. When he's squirming and trying to escape, she starts singing to him. At first I was a little caught off guard, but its amazing how her voice soothes him and calms him down. He's only been twice and she was amazed at how the work she did the first time held. She really knows what she's doing. She's asked a lot of questions about the doc band, (she's seen helmets but never doc bands). Today she asked if she could call Garrett's DB clinician so she can understand everything about it better. Garrett's cranial sacral therapist in Utah actually found this clinic for us. It's a sports injury PT facility but this one lady happens to specialize in babies. I'm so glad we got her info because the place we were referred to here was ridiculously expensive. The first visit was going to be $500.00! Just for an evaluation! Five Hundred! And then every visit after that was $55.00. The clinic we've ended up at takes our insurance and our portion was $20.00 for the evaluation and $15.00 for each visit after that. It pays to research, ask around and get more than one referral. I wrote about this part on Garrett's blog, but I wanted to remember. With everything Garrett has had done over the last 10 months, (massage, cranial sacral therapy, spinal touch therapy, and chiropractic, (wow, that's a lot)), PT is the one that I feel relaxes him the most. All the other places told me he'd sleep great right after, but I've never seen it happen. At PT I wasn't told that, but both times he's taken great naps right after. Today he fell asleep in his car seat on the drive home, stayed asleep while I got him out of his seat, and stayed asleep while I carried him to his crib and put him down. That NEVER happens. Anyway, I know its early on in the process, but I feel really good about things thus far. And I'm really proud of Garrett. Thankfully he doesn't have an illness or anything life threatening, but I feel like his little body has gone through a lot in his short life and he's just a positive, patient little boy.


A couple weeks ago Paul got a call from the President of the Uptown Whittler Association asking him for a copy of his resume. They had lunch together a month or so ago and Paul was asked if he'd ever be interested in being on the board. I'm pretty sure Paul told him that he may be interested at some point in the future, but probably not right now. ...Truth be told, I think he wanted to do it, but thought I might think he was spreading himself too thin. Anyway, I think he was a little surprised that he asked for his resume. But he sent it and then called him to ask if they could get together a visit sometime. Well, a week or so later (yesterday), the President called Paul to congratulate him. He told him that they voted at the last board meeting, and that it was unanimous. Paul is the newest (and youngest) member of the Uptown Whittier Board of Directors. I know Paul was honest with me about his conversations with the president, so I don't know if they had a miscommunication, or if the board just really, really wanted him. But I can tell he's happy and I'm happy for him. At least I think I am...I still don't know what kind of time commitment it is, etc. But it'll be ok, I'm sure.

At times I feel like there's no way we can add anything else to our busy (sometimes overwhelming) lives, but we find a way to do it! But I have nothing to complain about. So thankful for friends, help for G, and opportunity for Paul. Life is good right now.

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