Sunday, July 31, 2011

a little of this and that

We've had a calm couple of weeks. And by calm I mean, only 5 or 6 commitments a week and no vacations, (besides the last minute weekend vacation we just got home from a couple hours ago). I had a feeling that after our Reno/Tahoe trip I'd have a bit of a travel let down. I felt like the fun part of summer was coming to an end after that. It's actually been nice to just be home. Start projects, finish projects, plan projects, clean, watch TV, play cards with Paul, have low-key evenings with my boys, etc. However, I am looking forward to the next somewhat unplanned vacation for my cousins wedding in San Fransisco in a week and a half.

I'll post later about our weekend at Lake Arrowhead. Until then, here's a little look into our lives here in California lately.

A backyard party for Garrett's second cousin.Projects for the girl. I got this frame at IKEA in the 'as is' section for 2.99 years ago, had batting, fabric, and ribbon on hand, so I threw this little clip holder together. (I have an idea for a headband holder too, I'll make and post later.) A baby who's been sleeping so much more sound since starting physical therapy. I almost feel guilty because he's always been such an amazing sleeper, but now he falls asleep quicker, naps longer, and stays asleep when we transfer him from car seat to arms to crib. It's the best!A day at the OC Fair.A new friend at the fair, who is also a former DOC band wearer.Swinging from the trees.Spooning with his new favorite stuffed animal.Lots of hours spend at doctors and clinics.More projects. I had my Wood Co buddy cut this board for me about a year ago. My plan was to make it and sell it in the store. I just got around to decorating it. It still needs a hole drilled at the point and then I need to find a place to hang it. (And it'll be hung a foot off the ground...Paul was a little confused when he saw the numbers.) A successful trip to IKEA with Grandma White to get stuff for Garrett's play room. Now I just need to move all my craft stuff and Christmas decor so I can get it all set up!Paul trying to teach Garrett how to walk. NOT my idea. I found them practicing in the hall when it was supposed to be bath time.And of course, lots of time in the water.Here's just a few reasons I'm so happy to have a little boy:

Mohawk haircuts, just for fun.A little horsing around and some 'Garrett on the Cob' while waiting on a doc.And 'The Boat Rocker' craziness in the popasan chair. (Paul was rocking and rolling him around like crazy, and no matter where G landed he was constantly trying to get up and crawl towards him -laughing the whole time.)And here's a couple reasons why its probably good that a girl is on the way:

Did I ever tell you that one time a nurse said to me, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but your little boy is so beautiful, he could be a girl." -I agree, my boy is pretty babe-licous!

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