Sunday, July 3, 2011

A White (Emerson) Wedding

Paul's boss got married yesterday. (Paul's dad is not his boss.) It was a very small, informal, last minute wedding. I think they decided less than 2 weeks ago. They got married at the business, White Emerson Mortuary. What's the difference between a wedding and a funeral? ...At a wedding you can still smell the flowers. (I don't think that joke is that funny, but it was one of many wedding/funeral jokes being told over the past few days.) It was a second marriage for both of them, and they are Mormon, and because the church require that you get permission from the first presidency to be married in the temple for a second time, and sometimes that waiting period can be a little long, they decided to have a civil ceremony now and be sealed in the temple at a later date.

I heard a few days ago that there was going to be a dessert reception right after, and that the bride and her sister were making the desserts, and also that they both HATE baking. So I emailed the bride and offered to do a dessert spread as our wedding gift to them. She was overjoyed at my offer. I baked 3 kinds of mini cupcakes, white chocolate oreos, and chocolate dipped strawberries. She told me that about 60 of each would be fine, but I always worry about not having enough stuff, so I made 230 mini cupcakes, 150 oreos, and 150 strawberries, and at the end of the reception there was about a dozen cupcakes left and everything else was gone! So glad I made a lot. Curtis, the groom, gave me the nicest compliment, he said, "You just turned our trailer trash wedding into a beautiful event." I had several ladies there ask if I have a side catering business, and I realized yesterday, although I have entertained the idea, that I would hate doing it if it were my job. So I think it will always remain a hobby that I'll do for free when people ask. I didn't get great pictures because I had to take them so quickly, but here's the spread.The bride and groom.The bride's daughter giving Garrett daisy petals from her bouquet, which of course he ate.After the wedding we went swimming.I tried to smother G with kisses before the head gear went back on and he was not having it.

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