Monday, July 18, 2011

118 days...I'm not the only one who thinks that's REALLY soon.

I woke up this morning and my head was spinning. All these "to-dos" came to mind and I quickly became overwhelmed. Our baby is due in 118 days and there's a lot to do. I know that sounds like a lot of time, but I looked at my calendar on my phone while in bed and between now and the due date we'll be visiting or have visitors for 26-32 days. That's a whole month wiped out! We have 3 weddings to attend, 2 not local. Garrett's birthday party. A bridal shower to plan. And between Garrett's doc band adjustments, my dr. appointments, mine and Paul's counselling, the chiropractor, and (starting this week) physical therapy, we have approximately 15 doctor appointments a month. I know most people can schedule and run to a doctor appointment on a lunch break, but when you're getting a baby ready and factoring in the drive time, (most are no where close to our house) a doctor day feels like all we get done that day is the appointment.

I started talking to Paul about "everything" and after about 10 seconds of talking he said, "I'm feeling a little glazed over." (Whatever that means) He told me to tell him what we HAVE to do before 2.0 is born. I said, build a room, paint the room, install the light fixture, buy a crib, buy a mattress, buy a monitor camera, (our monitor has a camera A and B switch so we just need to get another camera and we can switch back and forth from baby to baby), buy swaddle blankets, ( I found a kind I really like with Garrett, but nothing I swear by. If you have a swaddler you swear by, please leave a comment), buy a breast pump, (I rented a hospital grade one with Garrett, don't ask me why. I could have bought one for what we spent on the rental), buy newborn sleepers and infant diapers, go on a hospital tour. I'm sure I forgot a few things...

I then started talking about Christmas and how I really need to figure Christmas out before she's born. So I figured it out. There will be no baking this year. And there will be VERY MINIMAL gift giving this year, like almost nothing. And I'm going to convince my mom to decorate for me when she's here for baby being born/Thanksgiving. But then my head kept spinning and I thought of birth announcements and holiday cards. 2.0 will be a month old when I want to be sending holiday cards, so I may as well send them together and save postage, right? I just kept talking and talking, and Paul just watched me go...

Other things on my list were: iron the shower curtain, (???) move storage stuff at the end of the hall to set up G's play area, work on decor for baby room, sell my car, make a list of stuff to do in Utah for baby with my mom (sewing mostly) and make sure I have everything to take to Utah, (in October), make freezer meals, figure out a dresser for 2.0 without spending hundreds. I did that one today. I gave up one of mine, did a little repair/redo work on it, and instead of the 300 dollar one I was planning on from IKEA, my 10+ year old dresser went from this:To this:(The camera makes the colors much brighter, they're not that intense.) I did this little DIY project for 18 bucks!

And right as I was working on this and telling myself its not so bad if I just make lists and do one thing at a time, I got a call from billing at the hospital. "Hi Andrea, this is Stephanie from PIH, I'm calling to see how you'd like to schedule and take care of payment for your baby and hospital stay because your due date is rapidly approaching." ...and the spinning began all over again.

Also, look at Garrett. Isn't he huge!? I swear he turned from my baby to my big boy last week, and it happened over night! Man I love this kid.


Melanie said...

Good luck with all of that! I don't know if you remember what we did with announcements/christmas cards, which was one side was Merry Christmas, and the other was the birth announcement. Saved us time and $ to do it that way.
Also, I'm in love with my woombie I bought for Kate. Dumbest name for a product ever, but just google them. I have loved them. Also, has them for half off every once in a while, if I notice it I'll text ya.

Sarah said...

I really like the aden + anais swaddle blankets (esp. the super soft bamboo ones). They are huge and stretchy and breathable. My other faves were nice big flannel blankets (two sided) - I made one and received about 6 as gifts. Oh, and the gymboree blankets (only on clearance) - but I think they've gotten smaller recently??