Sunday, July 11, 2010

pies and colors

Paul is out at a lake somewhere all day today boating with a bunch of his guy friends for a bachelor party of a friend of ours who is getting married this Friday. So after church today I decided to cook.

You know those people who cook or bake and blog about it by taking pictures of each and every beautiful step? That's not me.

These are the peach skins and pits in the top of the trash before I took it out.
And this is the pie chilling in the fridge.
It's close to Marie Callender's fresh peach pie. My father in law bought me two of 'em in two days last weekend. (I shared the second one.) But of course Utah's fresh peach pie season doesn't start til the end of August. So until then (and probably after then) I'll make my own. Last year I made one from peaches off my parents tree and this year Paul and I have our own tree full of little peaches, not ripe yet, but I'm looking forward to them growing and ripening.

Here's my top secret recipe. (That I found on the internet.)


5 large ripe peaches
1 cup sugar
3 tbsp constarch
1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp butter
Frozen pie shell (Marie Callendar’s of course)

Bake 1 pie shell per instructions. Set aside and cool.
Mix together the sugar and corn starch(mix well).
Slice 3 large peaches for filling.
Mash 2 more peaches with a fork and combine with the following in a small saucepan: mashed peaches, sugar, cornstarch, water.
Cook for 5 minutes, until it boils.
Add the vanilla and butter.
Stir until the butter is melted and the consistency is thick and gluey.
Place the sliced peaches in the pie shell.
Pour the mixture over the top, covering every sliced peach.
Chill in the refrigerator. (about 1-2hrs)

(I usually cut up an extra peach for the shell, and then I don't use all the sauce.)

In other news. I'm getting anxious about finishing the nursery. Everything is picked, and almost everything is purchased. I chose the colors back in March/April and bought all the fabric and ordered all the furniture. I made the decision before I knew if it was a boy or girl. But it is definatly more boy-ish. I love the colors we picked. I feel like we have a pretty unique color scheme, especially for a baby. But I like it. His room is brown, green, red, orange, yellow and blue. A lot of color, but I love 'em all!

Everything in the nursery except the glider is either made by me, my mom, or someone I work with. I've loved coming up with ideas for the room and I love that I spend my days with people who can build anything that comes to my mind. It's been really fun.

I'll work on getting some pictures up soon.

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