Friday, July 1, 2011

Style Your Sole

Last night we went to an event at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine called 'Style Your Sole'. TOMS shoes partnered with Seer Outfitters (Kyle Korver) and Focus on the Family to put on the event. If you don't have any TOMS you should get some. They are super comfortable and they do something called One For One. Every pair you buy another pair is donated to a child in need. (Really the only reason I have the 3 pair that I do is because my sister in law bought them all for me, but I LOVE them.) Last night I got my 4th pair and Paul and Garrett got some too.

The adult ones were all white and the baby ones were natural and they had paints, jewels and markers to decorate them however you wanted. I felt a bit overwhelmed at first but it ended up being really fun! We kept it pretty simple. (Paul kept it REAL simple.)

Here's Garrett trying them on for size. Tiny TOMS are the cutest!!Here he is checking out my artwork.Doing a fashion show.And here's the family foot shot.I told Paul this would be a super fun project when we have older kids to buy plain toms and let them decorate them. (Or just plain canvas shoes.)


In other news, 2.0 has a name. I haven't yet said we're 100% on it just because I've been so surprised at how fast we both felt good about it, but I think we're pretty sure. I painted something for her room, (the room that doesn't exist) and when Paul saw it I said, "That's for _______'s room." It sounded good. And then on the way out of the toms night I said, "We should have made some for _______." And it just seems to fit! We also decided that this name will probably be kept a secret until the time of birth as well. Sorry!

Here's what I painted. Well, I painted the blue and the tree. The leaves, owl and bird house were cut on my cricut. I really love how it turned out. We're going for a tree/bird/owl/bird house theme. And I don't think the room will lack any color from the color wheel...if there ever is a room...

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RobyLynn said...

Super cute, Andrea! Your little girl is going to have a cuuuttteee nursery, I'm sure!

AND...I love my Toms and hope to get more... such a cool concept of giving 1-1 AND they are super comfy! Garrett's are awesome!